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More images of Blackberry 10 N-Series, aka X10, with large screen and QWERTY keyboard

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 27, 2012

BlackberryWith the launch date for the new Blackberry phones approaching quickly, more and more photos are leaking. The full-touch Blackberry Z10 belonging to L-Series was already spotted a few times and was talked about a lot. The Blackberry N-Series, which may be called now X10, managed to stay hidden from the hungry eyes of Blackberry fans for longer period of time, but finally images of this one leaked too. Last week we were granted the first view of the phone’s back and now we know what the front looks like too.

Blackberry N-SeriesIn the photos we can see that the Blackberry N-Series comes with a quite large screen, with rumored resolution of 720 x 720 pixels which works out to 330 ppi, and physical QWERTY keyboard, which seems to be a distinguishing feature for Blackberry phones. The keyboard has the familiar layout of the Bold 9900, but there are a few differences. First of all, there are straight rows of sculpted keys divided by metallic lines rather than the semi-ergonomic curved design seen on the Bold 9900 series. There is also a bezel around the edge so the keys are not flush to the side of the device. Both, the Z10 and X10 will run RIM’s latest operating system – BlackBerry 10.

Blackberry 10 phonesHowever, more intriguing than the N-Series’s pictures is the mysterious QWERTY-equipped white devices that accompanies the phone in the picture.  The white Blackberry’s keyboard is also straight but the key arrangement reminds more of the Curve lineup. One possibility is that it is the Dev Alpha C development device, which was given to about 1,500 developers. Let’s admit though, that it looks too nice to be a development device. It is also possible that the white phone will be a budget friendly device, as opposed to the more expensive Z10 and X10, intended to bring Blackberry 10 to as many folks as possible and in this way recouping at least some of its lost market share.

source: Crackberry

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