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BlackBerry KEYone for Sprint is now for sale in carrier stores

ByinAnnouncements | July 14, 2019

BlackBerry KEYone is finally available to CDMA users

Although the BlackBerry KEYone is already available on the US market, you can buy only the unlocked version of the handset. For some of us it’s a bit irritating, since the SIM-lock-free device is compatible only with GSM carriers. In other words it doesn’t work with CDMA networks. Aware of the problem Sprint decided to move the things around. Today, the carrier added the BlackBerry KEYone to its lineup.

BlackBerry KEYone for Sprint is now for sale

BlackBerry KEYone is finally available to CDMA users. The phone hits Sprint’s online store featuring top-quality security and the traditional QWERTY physical keyboard.

Following this week announcement in social media, Sprint expanded its Android portfolio by the BlackBerry KEYone. It’s surely a good news to users relaying on CDMA network. The phone is available to all Sprint customers starting today, July 14th.

If you want to grab one on your own, you need to hit the carrier’s online store as the device won’t be accessible in brick-and-mortar stores, at least temporarily. In two weeks’ time, on July 28th, the phone should port to local dealers. As for pricing, the phone can be yours for $528 outright or $22.0 for 18 payments with Sprint Flex 18 month lease.

Perhaps the pricing isn’t affordable, but we get a premium device. The BlackBerry KEYone is a device proper to all those of us who value high security standards and QWERTY keyboard input.

Manufactured by Chinese tech company TCL, the BlackBerry’s latest device is known for advanced data security. Except for equipping the device with a fingerprint scanner, the company also rolls out security patches to its phones each month. These practices should protect all KEYone users from vulnerability exploits and malware.

Being another BlackBerry’s smartphone running on Android platform, the KEYone comes this time with Android 7.1 Nougat out of box. The phone also features a physical keyboard- a real rarity these days. The typical QWERTY keyboard supports gesture input and programmable shortcuts. Both features allow for an extremely quick and convenient communication with the device.

Speaking of screen panel, although the 4.5-inch 1080p doesn’t deliver the best viewing or gaming experience, it is surely sufficient for users looking for a productivity-focused smartphones. Optics are represented by  a combination of 12MP and 8MP rear and front cameras, while the device’s battery is promised to keep the whole thing ticking for up to 26 hours of usage.

Any takers?

more info: Sprint Store

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