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BlackBerry introduced new high-security tablet for business and government customers

ByinTablets | March 15, 2015

Blackberry SecuSmart TabletBlackBerry surely isn’t the first company that pops up your mind when thinking of tablet makers. Being more precise the BlackBerry’s debut in the tablet-like devices sector with its Playbook wasn’t definitely a successful one. However, this traumatic experience didn’t make the company to abandon their plans on conquering the tablet market. Realizing its tablet ambitions Blackberry has just introduced a new high-security tablet targeting at business and government customers.

BlackBerry, Samsung and IBM team up on the new high-security tablet SecuSmart

High Security TabletCreated in partnership with recently purchased by BlackBerry Düsseldorf-based company SecuSmart that specializes in security technologies, the new BlackBerry device called SecuTablet bases on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 model. Sporting high security communication suite the slate comes equipped with security bundle that protects sensitive data from falling into wrong hands.

What’s more interesting, the IMB technology separates the work applications from those of personal character. In practice it means that you will be able to use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networking and messaging apps on the same device on which you store your classified documents. Furthermore, the applied technologies guarantee protection of the personal data even against malware installed on the slate.

The mentioned SecuSmart encrypting technologies preventing the device from eavesdropping have been already applied by foreign security agencies including Canadian and German governments among others. In case it somehow skipped your memory, the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone were also the first handsets that received the NATO official “restricted” level approval for communications. Moreover, the Blackberry’s SecuSmart security system must be highly reliable since the mobile manufacturer announced recently that South Korean Samsung will also introduce the system to their phones.

In addition, this super secure tablet is also said to be extremely easy to use and the company ensures that every user familiar with Android operating system won’t have any problems with using the SecuSmart.

When it comes to availability and pricing, said to cost something round $2,380 the SecuTablet is scheduled to hit the market this summer. Time will verify whether the high security features will allow the tablet to outlive its ill-fated predecessor, the PlayBook tablet while additionally expanding the BlackBerry customers base by business and government customers.

source: MarketWired

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