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Blackberry explains why Passport’s unique design will make it an ideal mobile companion

ByinAnnouncements | July 14, 2014

Blackberry PassportWhen the BlackBerry Passport first time leaked revealing its unorthodox shape, many users didn’t believe that such device could be a real deal. Most manufacturers try to slim down bezels as much as possible to make their phones easier for one-handed usage. Meanwhile BlackBerry goes exactly the opposite way and makes the Passport wider than a phablet. Does it m`ake any sense? According to BlackBerry, though, there’s method in this madness and here is how the company explains why Passport’s unique design will make it an ideal mobile companion.

Blackberry Passport with Square Display

Blackberry Passport in handThe display measures 4.5 inches diagonally which appears pretty average if you don’t go into details. What is unusual is the 1440 x 1440 resolution which makes the height to width ratio 1:1. The concept of a square display is not new and we have already seen our share of such devices, but the Passport is by far the largest that has ever been made. Why did BlackBerry decided to take such a bold move? Apparently to appeal to business users, which is in fact not surprising, since business sector has been the company’s target group for quite some time.

According to BlackBerry, rectangular shape of the screen may be more ergonomic, but it’s not optimal for all users, since it requires frequent switching from portrait to landscape mode. With the Passport’s screen being square, it won’t make any difference what mode the phone is in. BlackBerry believes that there are many professions that could benefit from such design, for example architects, healthcare workers, accountants, writers, mortgage brokers and many more. Besides, the Passport’s screen displays 60 characters per line, which compared to 40 characters in rectangular phones, is much closer to the 66 characters typically seen in a book.

The BlackBerry Passport is expected to go officially during an even which will take place in London this September. Whatever emotions the handset awakes, whether positive or negative, one thing is certain – the Passport is not a smartphone that you will forget the moment you take your eyes off it. It does stand out in the crowd and always will regardless of whether it will take the business market by storm or will end up as an epic fail.

source: Blackberry Blog

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