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Black Xperia X unlocked phone got $150 cheaper in the US

ByinSales & Special Offers | October 25, 2016

Black Xperia X unlocked phone got cheaper
We all love buying new phones for less. Recently Amazon decided to reward patience of those waiting for a really sweet deal on the Sony Xperia X. If you belong to this group, you will surely be glad to hear that in the US the phone has finally received a noticeable discount. Launched four months ago the Xperia X was originally sold for $550. Right now it can be yours $150 cheaper.

Xperia X once again has been discounted in the US. Right now you can buy the unlocked model of the phone for $399, which is $150 cheaper than originally.

Amazon has just discounted the Xperia X
At the date of its premiere, which was back in June, the Sony Xperia X was labeled with a price tag of $549.99. Shortly after the debut the device received a $100 discount. Now its price has been slashed one more time and thanks to another $50 discount the phone is sold for less than ever. This means that you may grab a brand new Xperia Z for just $399.99, instead of paying the original $549.99. However, the mentioned promo applies only to 32GB black variant of the phone. Those interested in other color options need to prepare to spend a bit more money, as white, lime gold and rose gold versions are sold for $424.

Although the Xperia X isn’t the newest offering in the Sony’s lineup, it’s still a pretty powerful device. For just $399 you will get a 5-inch phone with a curved 2.5D glass display driven by the Snapdragon 650 processor coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal expandable storage. Although the presented key specs appear to be nothing more but decent, the phone surprises its users with a high-quality optics represented by a Sony Exmore RS 23MP primary camera and a 13MP selfie-friendly snapper equipped with a Sony-made 22 mm wide-angle lens. Other than that the handset supports 4G LTE and quick-charging mode.

Moving back to the Amazon’s deal, the discounted Xperia X is sold unlocked, which means that it is compatible with all US major GSM networks like AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS and Cricket. Note that it’s a limited-time promo with unknown expiry date. So if you want make use of it, you’d better make a quick purchase decision and order the phone online via Amazon.

If you think that the Xperia X is a bit too weak for you, you may consider buying the Xperia XZ. However, since the phone is priced at $699.99, it isn’t surely an option proper for those with tight budget.

source: Amazon

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