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Rumors: Bigger 4.5-inch iPhone, World iPhone 5S, and cheaper unlocked iPhone 5

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 1, 2013

Black iPhonesHeads up iPhone fans – here is a fresh bunch of rumors about new iPhone models that are supposedly being worked on by Apple. Let’s begin with news about the “big” iPhone. “Big” meaning a 4.5-inch device that will probably launch in 2014. What the rumor exactly says is that it was postponed to 2014, which suggests that the iPhone was actually intended to hit the stores some time later this year. It looks like now you will have to wait a bit longer.

iPhone 5S and cheaper unlocked iPhone 5

Thinner iPhonesOur sources once again mention a cheaper iPhone that might sell for around $330 unlocked. This sounds a bit far-fetched, especially considering that the cheapest iPhone 5 costs $649 unlocked. Half that price seems to good to be true, but then again, you never know. The savings come from the material used for body. The cheap iPhone will be made out of polycarbonate, which is the material used by Nokia for Lumia lineup. The phone is said to be identical to the iPhone 5, except for the fact that it will be thicker and will come in many colors.

Finally, we know the release date of the iPhone 5S. The handset, which is expected to be a world phone, will be available in August this year. Interesting as it sounds, keep in mind that this is unconfirmed information, which may or may not be true. Moreover it originally came from a Japanese site and it was translated with the help of a machine so there is a risk that some things might have gone wrong in the process, so the usual grain of salt is advised.

source: BGR

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