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Ultimate trade-in deals for your old phone and gadgets this holiday season

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tips & Guides | November 29, 2014

Apple iPhoneBlack Friday isn’t just an occasion to find some mouth-watering deals on new gadgets, but just as well an ultimate chance to trade in your old devices gaining extra discounts. And this year two US major retailers, Walmart and Best Buy are magnetizing their customers with awesome deals to trade their old smartphones which surely be find very hard to resist by all smartphones maniacs. So, all of you wanting to change your old phone for a brand new one, let’s check what the stores prepared to us.

Best trade-in offers for your old phone this holiday season

Best Buy Trade In Starting from Best Buy, the retailer gives us the opportunity to trade in any iPhone for a minimum $100 gift card. Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps. But, the only catch we could find in this offer is that it have to be a working model of iPhone, which means that you can exchange any, event the very first model of iPhone as long as it works. In turn you will be granted with a special gift card worth at least $100.

If this is still not enough for you, you may get surprised by the fact that the Best Buy gift card can be spent on any product from the retailer’s offer. You don’t have to purchase another iPhone nor sign any carrier’s contract. Remember that the deal will be valid only through November 29th, which means that if you like to take advantage of it, you must make a quick decision.

WalmartMoving on to the second mentioned retailer, Walmart, the store offers us its special eGift cards worth up to even $200. In order to get it, you need to trade in your old smartphone. But, note that the value of the eGift cards depends on a model and condition of the phone you want to trade in. So, the more advanced your phone is, the better condition it features, the more valuable card you will get for it. Other than that Walmart is also offering a $100 gift card connected with the purchase of selected models of Android smartphones.

So, all of you wanting to change your current smartphone for a new one, additionally saving few bucks will definitely find a deal suitable for you within the wide Walmart and Best Buy Black Friday offer.

more info: Walmart | BestBuy

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