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Best smartwatch to buy as a gift this holiday season

ByinSmartwatches | October 6, 2019

Best smartwatch to buy as a gift this holiday season
Smartwatches are surely one of the most compelling mobile devices today. They don’t only allow us to expand our smartphone functionality, but also are a quite fashionable gadgets. If you still don’t have one on your wrist, holiday shopping season may be the best occasion to change that. Furthermore, you may also want to consider buying one as a Christmas gift. To make your decision easier which one to buy, below we prepared the list of the best smartwatches to buy for this occasion.

The title of the very best Android Wear-powered smartwatch goes to the Samsung Gear S3

If you looking for the best smartwatch to buy as a gift this holiday season, you should definitely take a look at the compilation below. We prepared for you the list of the best smartphones available today on the market.

The smartwatch niche of the electronics market is diverse. There are smartwatches that run Android Wear or iOS and offer colorful displays. They look often like extremely expensive traditional watches. Others use e-Ink displays knowing for battery life saving capabilities. Some smartwatches allow you to keep your smartphone in your pocket, others are so advanced that allow to leave your phone at home.

Since we have such a rich selection of smartwatches available for purchase, which one is the best choice? That’s what we try to figure out. Below we prepared a compilation of the greatest smartwatches you may sync with your Android phone.

Samsung Gear S3

The title of the very best Android Wear-powered smartwatch goes to the Samsung Gear S3. The device earns the first place in our ranking thanks to its neat look and generous specs. Even though the base model of the smartwatch isn’t the most fashionable in the world, it does deliver clean and polished user experience. The biggest advantage of the Gear S3’s design is the inclusion of a rotary dial bezel for navigating the device’s UI. This innovating approach to design allows you to use your smartwatch without touching the display, so that you may finally forget about irritating smudges.

However, it is a combination of smooth Tizen-aided performance and long battery life that allowed the Gear S3 to gain recognition. Furthermore, the gadget has been also equipped with one of the most comprehensive fitness suite, which makes it a perfect option for all those who appreciate active lifestyle.

LG Watch Sport

Second on our list, the LG Watch Sport combines the latest Android Wear 2.0 with a delicate balance between style and form. As its name suggests, the LG Watch Sport is a fitness-oriented device offering a variety of sensors, including a hear rate sensor. Except for running the latest software, the wearable sports an LTE connectivity, NFC for Android Pay, and a fully circular OLED display. All these great features come dressed in an eye-catching IP68-certified shell.

LG Watch Style

The LG Watch Style is a cheaper alternative to the LG Watch Sport. It packs the same circular OLED display and works on Android Wear 2.0. However, as always in such cases, the lower price tag comes at the price of several shortages. The LG Watch Style lacks NFC, LTE, GPS and heart rate monitor capabilities. But, it tries to compensate the deficiencies with a considerably slimmer body profile and all-purpose design matching any outfit.

The stainless steely design of the Huawei Watch is attractive enough to satisfy every fashionista

Huawei Watch

Many mobile makers have tried to achieve a nice balance between an affordable price sticker and great look, but it was Huawei who first succeeded. The stainless steely design of the Huawei Watch is attractive enough to satisfy every fashionista. It looks so nice that it can accompany even the most sophisticated outfit. The wearable is available in several variants. You can either pick a model with a standard leather band or choose a more elegant bracelet.

Apart from a stylish design, the Huawei Watch provides its users with a fully circular display and a comprehensive fitness suite with heart rate monitor functions.

Moto 360 2nd Gen

Motorola is the maker of the very first smartwatch with a circular display. Even though the original concept underwent several upgrades, the original spirit remained the same. The second gen of the Moto 360 still offers the natural feel and look of a classic watch. But, the device’s design has been slightly revamped to offer as slim and sleek look as possible. The bezels are incredibly thin, and the fitness suite really generous. Plus, the second gen of the Moto 360 enables an even easier customization thanks to a new slug connection for wristbands.

Casio WSD-F10

Presented above devices are surely great, but they aren’t sophisticated enough to find a place among the elite of smartwatches. They simply too casual and affordable. If you’re looking for something more pricy, then the Casio WSD-F10 and Tag Hauer Connected smartwatches should definitely get on your radar.

To start with the Casio WSD-F10, it is the only smartwatch of our compilation that arrives in a MIL STD-810-certified shell. The military standards certification means that the gadget may be submerged in deep water and drop on the pavement without suffering any damages. Furthermore, it may even withstand extreme weather condition for extended periods of time. Except for durable construction, the Casio WSD-F10 provides its users with a dual-display that shifts between a full-colored LCD display and a monochrome mode to save battery life and enhance outdoor visibility. The ruggedized design comes at the cost of a bulky look and an price tag of $500.

Tag Hauer Connected

Tag Hauer may be the most stylish and solidly-constructed smartwatch currently available on the market, but its whooping price tag of $1,500 makes it an offer reserved for only the richest fans of electronic gadgets. What’s more in order to make the device even more tempting deal, Tag Hauer recently shared a news that they plan to exchange the Android Wear smartwatches for traditional mechanical watches whenever they reach end-of-life status. Isn’t that a catchy marketing campaign?

If an affordable price tag is your key purchase incentive, then the ASUS ZenWatch 2 may be the best option for you

ASUS ZenWatch 2

Just as always with electronics, the final purchase decision depends on many factors the most important of which are often your financial capabilities. If an affordable price tag is your key purchase incentive, then the ASUS ZenWatch 2 may be the best option for you. Perhaps the device doesn’t deliver a particularly impressive design or uniqe features. But it serves its purpose pretty well and looks smart, and all this along with a very affordable price tag makes it name present in any conversation about best smartwatches.

It’s hard to give one straight answer to the question on which smartwatch is the best. Everything here depends on how much you can spend on it. Hope that our ranking help you find a perfect smartwatch gift for your beloved ones without making your wallet suffer.

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