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Best phones of 2017 for productivity, entertainment, photography, designs and… money

ByinTips & Guides | November 30, 2017

Best phones of 2017 for audio - LG V30
Since the year is almost over and the Christmas shopping season is upon us , it’s the highest time to take a close-up at the mobile market and make a compilation of the best smartphones of 2017. To help you find the best phone for your needs, we’ve compared hundreds of handsets in the scope of their productivity, entertainment, photography, design and value-for-money ratio.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best choice in terms of productivity

There is no such a smartphone that can be perfect for everyone and everything. Here’s the ranking of the best phones of 2017 in five categories: productivity, optics, design, entertainment and value-for-money.

Best in productivity: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

First on our list, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, is the best choice in terms of productivity. It should not come as a big surprise as the Galaxy Note series has always been known for their powerful processing parameters. Even though the Samsung had several attempts to upgrade the line by resigning from large, removable batteries, the series’ main spirit remained unchanged. The Galaxy Note 8 is no exception here. A beautiful, large Infinity Display, 6GB RAM and S-Pen make the phablet an extreme power beast. Additionally, if you add the Samsung DeX, you will get a great supplement to a desktop. Furthermore, it should be also emphasized that except for high-quality computing and viewing experience, the Galaxy Note 8 also provides us with top-rated dual camera setup. However, if for some reason you prefer the iOS environment rather than Android eco-system, then the iPhone 8 Plus will be the best alternative to the Note 8.

Best in camera: Google Pixel 2

If a sharp camera is a feature you care for the most when buying a new smartphone, then you should pick the Google Pixel 2. The Google Pixel 2 is a high-end smartphone offering tones of inspiring features with the biggest emphasis on optics. Some people even think that it is practically an Android-running digital camera. Although the mobile market is full of smartphones offering sharp photos, the Pixel 2 outrivals all the contenders. Even though the phone has been equipped in a single camera sensor on the back, it provides its users with pro-like photography experience using just software and algorithms.

If once again Android is not your thing, then you should choose the iPhone X, as it is the second best smartphone in terms of optics. However, before making the final purchase decision, do consider the next option first.

The iPhone 8 Plus is almost identical to the iPhone X

Best in iOS: Apple iPhone 8 Plus

We have seen three new iPhone releases this year, and even if the iPhone X was the one that stole the show, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best choice. Except screen and camera parameters, the iPhone 8 Plus is almost  identical to the iPhone X. It houses the same CPU, RAM and even lacks a headphone jack, but it has two huge advantages over the iPhone X, namely – it is considerably cheaper and has a home button. Even though its dual camera is a bit weaker on paper, it almost matches the iPhone X’s performance. Furthermore, when buying the iPhone X you should be prepared for small shortages that are typical for the first gen models.

Best in Entertainment: Razer Phone

In case you’re addicted to gaming, and your smartphone is just a portable gaming console, you should take a look at the Razer Phone. The device is considered the ultimate gaming and entertainment phone. It packs a 2K display, 120Hz refresh rate and dual-facing Dolby Atmos speakers in charge of immersive sound experience. Naturally, since it isn’t a particularly popular phone brand, you may hesitate to invest in the Razer’s first ever phone. But, perhaps the gaming heaven it offers is worth the risk?

If screen resolution is the key feature for you, then search no further than the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Why? Well, it is the only phone with a 4K display currently available on the market.

Best in audio: LG V30

Some mobile users want to use their smartphones as bleeding-edge music players? If you belong to that group and audio parameters are of the greatest importance for you, then you should get yourself the LG V30. Equipped with 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC, the phone is undoubtedly the best option for all audiophiles. It’s basically the ultimate recording studio, just as the Razer Phone is the portable gaming center.

Even though Samsung’s purchased Harman and AKG, its latest flagship aren’t particularly impressive when it comes to audio quality. However, they do have one  big advantage over others, even the Pixel 2. They feature dual Bluetooth audio. This means that if you like to sync your phone wirelessly with two speakers and don’t need the size of the Galaxy S8 Plus or the S-Pen stylus of the Note 8, then choose the Galaxy S8 which is far more affordable offering.

Best in Design: HTC U11

If you an aesthete craving a fancy looking smartphone, then the HTC U11 should definitely get on your radar. They may suffer some sale problems, but HTC’s flagships offer some of the most sophisticated approach to external design. The U11 is no different. It arrives dressed in an eye-catching liquid-like glass armor. Apart from the captivating look, the handset also delivers some really capable specs and great camera parameters.

If you’re an AT&T subscriber looking for a bigger handset, then you might want to wait for the Plus variant of the U11. Rumor has it that the device will hides an 18:9 almost bezel-free display, the latest Android 8.0 and a translucent pack panel.

The Essential PH-1 is decive that offers the best value for money

Best value for money: Essential PH-1

If you’re a budget-conscious customer who don’t want to spend much when buying a new smartphone, there’s no reason to pay premium for a premium device. If you love savings but want a high-end handset, you may want to consider the Essential PH-1 phone. Sure the market is full of affordable smartphones, but it is the Essential PH-1 that offers the best value for money. The device had a very rough start and some nasty setbacks after its launch, but recently it started to slowly consolidate its position on the mobile market. Due to its design it may be easily mistaken for the iPhone X, but it’s commitment to keep Android as pure as possible make it an ideal option for Nexus fans. Sold at almost half of its original price, the Essential PH-1 is one surely one of the most affordable high-end smartphone released this year.

When hunting for an affordable premium smartphone, you may also want to take a look at the One Plus One. The phone is tagged with the same price sticker as the Essential PH-1, but it gives you 2GB RAM more, which sadly comes at the cost at lower, only Full HD+, screen resolution.


Due to the richness of options offered by modern mobile market, choosing a new smartphone, especially a top-quality flagship, isn’t just a choice of communication tools any more. It’s essentially a lifestyle choice, as the perfect phone needs to suit it owners tastes and needs. As you see there is no one smartphone that will satisfy all users, everything here depends on what you want to use your phone for. Even though we aren’t able to tell you which phone you should spend your money at, we’ve at least tried to narrow the list of choices as much as possible taking into account different needs and ways of usage so that to help you find a device that will be your perfect life companion.

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