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The best look yet on rumored iPhone 6 in gold, space gray and silver

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 5, 2014

iPhone 6 Side ViewAnother day, another iPhone 6 concept hit the web. It’s getting more and more difficult to keep track of all the mockups, dummy photos and spy shots of the next-generation iPhone but apparently there is still room for more. Just a couple of days ago graphic designer Mark Pelin shared his idea of how the upcoming Apple flagship phone may look like and now we have some more concepts to marvel at, this time coming from designers Tomas Moyano and Nocolas Aichino. It appears to be the best look yet on the rumored iPhone 6 in gold, space gray and silver.

iPhone 6 Concept in Gold, Space Gray and Silver

iPhone 6 Gold Silver GreyThe iPhone 6 has been pictured countless times before but the recent renders are the most detailed we have seen so far. The handset follows Apple’s characteristic aesthetic design; however, the concepts also take into account the latest rumors regarding the phone’s appearance such as rounded edges and the power button that was moved from the top to the right-hand side.

Both the Pelin and the Moyano and Aichino projects are very similar but they differ on the concept of the back panel. Pelin’s design shows the iPhone 6 back with matte finish. The horizontal and curved lines along the top and bottom edge of the phone are in contracting color and the same goes for Apple’s logo.

According to Moyano and Aichino, though, the lines will be hardly distinguishable. The D shape they outline appears to be glossy black in the space gray model and white in the gold and silvers versions, as is the Apple logo. The main portion of the case is matte and so are the edges which makes the phone look like it’s wearing a bumper.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6 some time in September, so we still have a few weeks to let our imagination run wild. Just don’t forget that what we are seeing are just concepts so the final product might not look exact as the designers imagine it would. However, even if that’s the case, in all likelihood the iPhone 6 will be gorgeous, like the majority of Apple devices.

iPhone 6 Black Silver Gold

iPhone 6 White Gold

source: The Tech Block / Behance

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