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Funny named Big Cola 3 phone is the best iPhone 6 copy from China

ByinAnnouncements | December 6, 2014

Dakele Big Cola 3 an iPhone 6 clone.Releasing clones of popular smartphones is a common practice in China. Apple iPhones are especially loved by phone makers. Sometimes it happens that a clone is released long before the actual phone goes official. Such was the case with the iPhone 6 – a fully functional clone hit the stores in China two months before Apple announced it’s latest offering. The clones keep coming even after the iPhone 6 was launched. Funny named Big Cola 3 phone is the best iPhone 6 copy from China.

The best iPhone 6 copy running Android KitKat

Dakele Big Cola 3 Over the years we have seen a fair share of iPhone clones, some better than others. The Dakele Big Cola 3, however, is arguably the best that Chinese companies came up with so far in terms of both design and specification. If you didn’t look close enough, it would be a challenge to spot the difference, as the Big Cola 3 looks almost identical to the iPhone 6. The device has a different logo on the back and slightly rearranged hardware buttons and additional tray for a microSD slot, but other than that it looks like iPhone 6 twin.

The majority of clones are much more modest devices, but the Big Cola 3 won’t disappoint you with its specs. The phone features a 5-inch 1080p screen reportedly covered with sapphire glass and is powered by a 64-bit, octa-core MediaTek MT6752 chipset clocked at 1.2GHz. There is also 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage expandable up to 128GB. Camera experience is delivered by a 13-megapixel Sony IMX214 rear camera with an aperture of f/2.0 and 8-megapixel Sony IMX219 sensor for selfies. The operating system of choice is Android KitKat 4.4 iteration to be more exact.

Even though the Big Cola 3 looks like the iPhone 6 and offers respectable quality of user experience, it’s not Apple-made and you can easily notice that by looking at the price. While Apple devices are pretty expensive (the iPhone 6 starts at $649.99), the Big Cola 3 costs just $243 without any contract. It doesn’t take a math genius to see the difference in pricing. However, chances are close to non-existent that the phone will be available outside of China, but if it was possible to buy the handset, would you go for it?

source: iGeek

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