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This is the best deal on Pixel phones that comes with the lowest price, a $100 gift card and free Chromecast

ByinSales & Special Offers | October 7, 2016

the best deal on Pixel phones
Being Google’s most premium handsets, Pixel phones are far from the Nexus family both in terms of specs and pricing. The cheapest of the line – the 32GB Pixel- costs $649, whereas the most exclusive offering – the 128GB Pixel XL – is priced at $869.99. But there’s a good news for all those who have been thinking about buying one of the Pixels, as Best Buy has just released a special promo within which you may grab a Pixel phone at its lowest pricing and receive a $100 gift card and a Chromecast. This is the best deal on Pixel phones you can find right now.

Best Buy prepared a really sweet deal on the Pixel phones

Best Buy prepared a really sweet deal on the Pixel phones. Except for selling the smartphones at lower prices the retailer adds a free Chromecast and a $100 gift card to each purchase.

The Pixel line’s iPhone 7-like pricing surely reflects its high-quality design and powerful specs. However, for these reason many of us resign from buying the device concerning its pricing slightly too whooping. This may change soon, as quite recently Best Buy has announced a special deal on the Pixel phones, giving their customers a multiplicity of purchase options to choose among.

Both the standard Pixel and Pixel XL are available in two color variants black and silver, but the deal applies only to 32GB models. Starting from the more expensive and the bigger one, the 5.5-inch Pixel XL may be yours for as little as $31 per month if you enroll for an installment plan. If installments aren’t your thing, then you may buy the device paying its full retail price which in this case will be $799, or sign up for a traditional two-year contract. Then you will be asked to pay $299.99 for the phone.

When it comes to the Pixel, here you can also pick among three purchase options. First of all, you may buy the device straight with no strings attached paying $699.99 upfront. Second variant you can choose is a 24-month  installment plan. If you opt for this option, you will be asked to pay $27 each month. Furthermore, you can as well buy the 5-inch phone on 2-year contract, then it will cost you $199.99.

Except for this pretty great pricing, Best Buy prepared additional bonuses in the form of a free second- gen Chromecast dongle sold separately for $35 and a gift card worth $100. But there’s a catch here. Although the Pixel smartphones are compatible with all major US networks, the models sold by Best Buy are Verizon-dedicated devices. This means that if you want to benefit from the special bonuses, you need not only to buy one of the phones, buy as well activate it on Verizon.

A free Chromecast and a gift card are surely pretty tempting gifts, but note that Best Buy isn’t the only one who prepared special promo on the Pixel phones. For instance, if you purchase one of the Pixels straight from Verizon, you will be granted with a free Daydream VR headset, providing that you preorder the device until October 19th. On October 20th the phones are scheduled to hit local retailers.

source: Best Buy

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