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Beautiful HTC One M9 concept with highly attractive design surfaces online

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 11, 2015

HTC One M9Numerous rumors clearly suggest that the upcoming HTC next flagship, called HTC One M9 may be one of the most fervently awaited models debuting in the first half of 2015. Presenting the phone in its whole beauty, pictures of the HTC One M9 concept surfaces online leaving no doubt that the device is going to be a perfect combination of advanced specs and highly attractive design that will surely meet tastes of all aesthetes.

HTC One M9 Concept by Jonas Daehnert

HTC HimaBeautiful graphic materials presenting the HTC One M9 are authored by Jonas Daehnert, a German industrial designer, who gathered all existing information referring to the handset and on the basis of which he prepared the design renders we’re watching now with admiration. Even if the stock Android screen seems to be rather a unsuccessful idea, other aspects presented on the pics, especially those concerning the hardware features seems reasonable and highly probable.

Supposing that at least some of the HTC One M9’s rumors we’ve heard were correct, we can expect the phone to come with some significant improvements over its predecessor in several pretty essential areas. If the HTC M8 One was a pretty powerful handset, just imagine the potential carried by the HTC this year’s flagship. Naturally, the vast majority of mentioned improvements will be hidden under the phone’s beautiful body case, so they simply cannot be presented on the render pics. When it comes to the M9 external design, we expect it to keep the high quality premium design language of its predecessors.

Unfortunately, the character of these materials means that we should take all the information presented by the renders with a pinch of salt since they’re nothing more than speculations. No matter how beautiful, they are they cannot be taken for facts. However, knowing the design language of HTC and the way mobile industry is keeping abreast of the new technologies, the discussed today renders may turn out to be quite accurate. Still, to see the official final product we will have to wait until March. While waiting for the HTC One M9 premiere at MWC, you can feed your eyes with the phone’s mouth-watering design concept presented under the link below.

source: Phone Designer (Facebook)

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