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OnePlus introduces Bamboo StyleSwap Cover for the OnePlus One to add a touch of nature to the smartphone

ByinAnnouncements | July 24, 2014

OnePlus OneWith armies of smartphones looking almost exactly the same, we always welcome manufacturers’ effort to make their products distinguishable. The Moto X is an absolute hit when it comes to customizable phones, but it looks like OnePlus is not far behind. The company has just introduced Bamboo StyleSwap Cover for the OnePlus One to add a touch of nature to the smartphone. The cover will retail for $49 and will be available for purchase at the end of August.

OnePlus introduces Bamboo StyleSwap Cover

OnePlus OneIn fact, the Bamboo cover doesn’t come as a surprise. OnePlus hinted that it would be offering multiple cover options including Wood, Denim and Kevlar when the One was launched in April. Earlier this month the manufacturer tweeted an image of a piece of wood with the phrase “Knock on Wood 7.22” suggesting that July 22nd will be the day when the first of the swappable covers becomes official. As expected, OnePlus made good on its promise and announced the Bamboo cover today.

If you don’t mind having a phone that has the same appearance as your brother’s, friend’s or aunt’s, then the Bamboo cover may seem like an unnecessary expense. If, however, you want to stand out in the crowd, the new back panel for the OnePlus One is what you might want to invest your money in. Keep in mind that the cover is not plastic made to look like bamboo, but is made of actual bamboo. That said, each one will be unique and you won’t be able to find two that look the same as each batch of bamboo used to make the covers has a different texture.

With the Bamboo cover, OnePlus obviously took a leaf out of Motorola’s book and it’s a good thing that it did. The new StypeSwap cover looks beautiful and will certainly add to the general awesomeness of the OnePlus One. It will also sell for half of what Motorola initially asked for its Bamboo cover, which is another big plus. All in all, the affordable yet high-end OnePlus One and the stylish Bamboo StyleSwap cover make a perfect pair. If only the phone wasn’t so difficult to come by…

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