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We have some bad news for AT&T customers on grandfathered plans

ByinAnnouncements | December 1, 2015

In times of fierce competition, bumping up prices of products or services is something you don’t see very often. On the contrary, in order to attract new customers or make existing ones stay, carriers tend to offer more for less money. The thing is, however, that sometimes cutting prices is not an option and the only way to keep the business going is in fact going up the price ladder. That’s what AT&T is going to do which means bad news for customers on grandfathered plans.

AT&T’s grandfathered plans will cost you $5 per month more

Bad news for AT&T customers
How bad exactly? The change is going to set you back $5 per month more. In other words, old unlimited plans which currently are priced at $30 per month will cost $35 per month come February 2016. However, if you feel that your budget won’t be able to handle new pricing, AT&T will allow you to leave the service without any additional costs in the form of early termination fee within 60 days of the price increase.

It’s worth nothing that it’s the first price raise for grandfathered unlimited customers in seven years. The old plans were discontinued back in 2010 and are no longer available to new customers. Those who stayed on the plans until now, kept paying the original price, at the same time being subject to certain improvements. The most recent adjustment is raising data throttle cap to 22GB per month which gives a whole new meaning to unlimited data.

Moreover, AT&T is not the only carrier that increased prices of unlimited plans. Back in November T-Mobile announced new Simple Choice Amped plans which are $15 more expensive than the old ones. Verizon went even further and raised the price of unlimited plans by $20. Compared to these changes, AT&T’s $5 increase seems fairly minor.

Whenever prices go up, customers feel disappointed and it’s normal – we all would want to pay less not more for the same service. Unfortunately, there’s no much we can do about it. Moreover, even with the new price, AT&T’s old plans are probably the best unlimited option anyway and good news is that if you find a better plan, you can leave the service without any consequences.

source: AT&T

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