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AT&T launches Passport plans offering more affordable rates for calling and data allowance for international travels

ByinAnnouncements | October 13, 2014

AT&T Ladies and gentlemen, Passport is on its way to AT&T, and no dear friends, we are not referring to BlackBerry’s somewhat controversial smartphone. This is a completely different kind of passport – one that will allow you to keep in touch with folks dear to your heart even when you are on a different continent. AT&T has launched new Passport plans offering more affordable rates for calling and data allowance for international travel.

AT&T’s Passport vs. Plus vs. Pro Plan

AT&T Passport PlanIn fact, AT&T just introduced three Passport plans. The most basic plan is called simply Passport; there is also Passport Plus and Passport Pro for the most demanding users.

The basic Passport plan costs $30 and includes 120MB of cellular data as well as unlimited messages and unlimited Wi-Fi data. Cellular data overage is set at $0.25 per MB and one minute of talk costs $1. The Passport Plus plan is priced at $60 and, in addition to unlimited messages and unlimited Wi-Fi data, offers 300MB of cellular data with overage fee set at $0.20 per MB and $0.50 per minute of talk. Finally, the Passport Pro plan will set you back $120 which will get you 800MB of cellular data plus unlimited messages and unlimited Wi-Fi data. Data overage and talking cost $0.1 per MB and $0.35 per minute, respectively.

The price of each plan is a one-time charge and the plan itself will expire automatically after 30 days. Users who travel regularly can also opt for Global international packages that include the same allotments and prices as its Passport plans, but simply stay on your monthly bill and don’t require activation every time you travel. It appears that unlimited Wi-Fi data is not available globally, though, as AT&T mentions only the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Mexico. Still, it’s an important improvement, since previously Wi-Fi data was limited to 1GB.

AT&T’s new plans are a step towards customers who frequently travel abroad. While the plans are not the cheapest on the market, they are now significantly easier on the wallet than they used to be and this is what actually counts. If you are planning a trip to a foreign country in the near future, make sure that you have your Passport.

source: AT&T

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