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AT&T to offer multi-line discount for GoPhone prepaid customers

ByinAnnouncements | August 13, 2016

AT&T new offers for GoPhone prepaid customers
AT&T has recently shared that is going to offer family plans to subscribers of its prepaid service. Starting next Friday GoPhone customers will be able to save big money on theirs wireless bills through putting up to 5 consumers lines to one prepaid account within the carrier’s new GoPhone Multi-Line Discount. In addition, the new service also covers business line, business customers can add 10 lines to a single prepaid account.

AT&T brings family plans to prepaid services

AT&T brings family plans to GoPhone prepaid services allowing subscribers to save up to $20 on monthly bills. All you need to do is to add an extra line to your existing prepaid account.

AT&T has just confirmed that will soon make available family plans to GoPhone subscribers. However, don’t get too excited here as the carrier marked that is going to limit the new service to $45 and $60 plans only including unlimited talk and text and 3GB and 6GB of speedy 4G LTE data, respectively. This means that masses of customers on $30 plan won’t be subject to the offer.

Subscribers of new prepaid plans are promised to pay less for their monthly bills dependently on the number of lines they will activate within one account. For instance, if you add second line to the plan, your payment will be decreased by $5. Going further, with the third and fourth line your bill will be $10 or $15 cheaper, which bring us to the conclusion that with five lines we can save up to $20. The same offer applies to business customers who can open up to 10 lines within a single account. To take advantage of the new GoPhone service you can either open a new line or make use of existing one.

Except for the possibility of combining the Multi-Line Discount with Auto-Pay features slashing your monthly bill by another $5, those customers who will purchase one AT&T GoPhone through September 22nd will get another one completely out of charge when activate new lines of service on either $45 or $60 plans.

Last but definitely not least, as for availability AT&T officially announced that the new service goes into effect on August 19th.

source: AT&T

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