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AT&T launched the LG A380, a simple cheap flip phone with basic features

ByinNew Phones | March 9, 2014

LG A380 AT&TSmartphones are reigning the world, no doubt about that, but there are still many folks out there who don’t need or want an advanced and complicate piece of equipment. All they need their phone to do is make calls and send text and maybe occasionally snap a quick photo. Why should they be forced to pay large portion of their hard earned money for sophisticated features they will probably never use? With such users in mind AT&T launched the LG A380 – a simple cheap flip phone with basic features. You can grab the LG A380 from AT&T store for $19.99 with a new two-year contract or $189.99 outright.

LG A380 Cell Phone for AT&T

LG A380The LG A380 for AT&T could be a perfect device for seniors or visually and hearing impaired users thanks to numerous accessibility features. For starters, the phone has a text-to-speech engine which reads messages aloud. The feature is not limited only to the messages you receive so you can also listen to your own messages before sending them. The text-to-speech feature is easy to access thanks to a dedicated key. The phone also has enhanced audio mode which can be especially useful when you need to take a call in a noisy environment.

In addition to the 2.4-inch main display with 240 x 400 resolution, the A380 also sports a 1.77-inch 128 x 260 secondary color screen which allows you to see notifications such as incoming calls, unread messages, time, date, etc. without having to flip the phone open. The handset is powered by a Qualcomm chip and has 128 MB of RAM and 256 MB of internal memory expandable up to 32 GB via microSD slot.

The LG A380 is not only about making calls and sending text, though. The phone is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel camera with 2x zoom and video capture so you will never again miss an important moment. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity the device can be paired with wireless accessories such as headsets and speakers. Inside the handset sits a 900 mAh battery which should be good for up to 3.4 hours of talk time or up to 10.8 days of standby time.

Other useful tools you will be able to find on the LG A380 include calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch, unit converter, call forwarding and more.

source: AT&T via Phone Scoop

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3 Responses to “AT&T launched the LG A380, a simple cheap flip phone with basic features”

  1. Mrs. Roy L. DeHart (Julia) Nashville, TN on June 19, 2017 @ 3:31 pm

    How do you set or change the time on the phone to be the correct time?

  2. william willette on September 24, 2015 @ 3:09 pm

    I would like to thank your a&t service representative LINDA for her patience and cooperation in signing me up for mobile service.

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