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AT&T GoPhone announced a new $60 unlimited plan for prepaid enthusiasts

ByinAnnouncements | March 10, 2017

Just yesterday it was impossible to have both: an unlimited data plan and no contract commitment, however AT&T  seems to put an end to this state of things. Earlier today the carrier announced its new GoPhone plan, allowing you to benefit from unlimited data for just $60 per month. No matter how good the deal may look like on the paper, you should be conscious of the fact that it’s nothing more than a budget, throttling version of the Choice “unlimited” plan AT&T offers to its post-paid customers.

AT&T introduces first in the US unlimited plan for prepaid customers. For just $60 per month you can enjoy tons of data both in the United States as well as when traveling to Canada and Mexico.

AT&T GoPhone announced a new unlimited plan
Few hours ago we told you that AT&T is adding a new affordable smartphone to its prepaid lineup, the Phoenix 3. But it wasn’t the end of surprises the nation’s second largest service provider prepared for its prepaid customers today. Along with the Phoenix 3 the carrier introduces a new plan offering unlimited data for mere $65 per month or $60 if you enroll for a $5 auto-pay discount. Interested in further details? Here they are.

Like majority of unlimited plans the unlimited GoPhone plan isn’t a truly limitless data plan. Quite traditionally the plan has the 22GB of high-speed data cap. If you reach the limit, AT&T may reduce your speeds during the network’s biggest congestion. The throttling cuts down video streaming speeds to 1.5Mbps and everything else to 3Mbps. That looks like a really fast 3G connection, but it will be sent over LTE. The biggest plus here is that there will be no overages or extra fees for exceeding the 22GB of high-speed data. Another thing that’s on the plus side is that the data can be used in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Other than that the company also decided to introduce some changes to its current plans. Right now you can score a 6GB plan for $40 after a $5 auto-pay rebate. Before the changes, the $40 plan offered only 2GB of data, so the difference is noticeable. Furthermore, since both plans include roll-over service, the unused data will be transferred to the next month, which makes them an ever more tempting.

If you’re looking to purchase a phone to go along with one of the mentioned plans, for a limited time only AT&T is selling handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Express 3 or the LG Phoenix 2 with a $20 discount. Last but definitely not least, the new offer applies to both new and existing GoPhone subscribers.

source: AT&T

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