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AT&T kicks off a special limited-time promotion that doubles the size of your data plan

ByinSales & Special Offers | September 28, 2014

AT&T Double The Data  Who doesn’t like surprises? We certainly do, but we know that some folks like to be prepared in advance for whatever may come their way. Even if you are such person, that is not very fond of unexpected events, we can guarantee that what we are about to report will bring a huge smile to your face, especially if you are an AT&T subscriber or plan to become one in the near future. Ladies and gentlemen, the carrier has just kicked off a special limited-time promotion that doubles the size of your data plan.

AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan offers 30GB Data

AT&T Double The DataYep, there’s no mistake. Starting today your data allotment on Mobile Share Value Plan will double while the price will remain exactly the same. Of course, as always in such cases, there are a few conditions to meet and a simple procedure to follow. First of all, the promotion is available to both, existing and new customers, as long as their account has at least two lines.

Data for multiple lines starts at 10GB; however, this amount is not included in the promotion – AT&T doubled data in plans ranging from 15GB to 50GB. It means that instead of 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 50GB you now get 30GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB while prices remains at $130, $150, $225, $300 and $375, respectively.

And best of all, the increased data plan sizes do not expire. In other words, your data bucket will be doubled for life, that is until you cancel your service or switch to a new plan. Increased data plans are not activated automatically, though. In order to have your data doubled you need to sign up for it before October 31st.

If you think it sounds too good to be true and try to look for a catch, you would be wasting your time. We went over the details of the promotion back and forth and didn’t find any downsides whatsoever. In fact, it appears to be one of the best deals on data announced recently. If you use a lot of data, you might want to give it a try before the promotion expires – remember, you have time until October 31st.

source: AT&T

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