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AT&T announces new plans with more data, higher prices and no overages fees

ByinAnnouncements | August 17, 2016

Even though smartphones have become integral part of our lives, it’s still kind of cool that you can send emails, checks the latest game score or read through the news on your phone. It’s cool until you get your bill. If you are using lots of data, more than your monthly allotment, chances are that overage fees gave you a few headaches in the past. It’s not going to happen anymore if you are AT&T customer. The carrier just announced new data plans with more data, higher prices unfortunately but, more importantly, canceled overages fees.

AT&T announced changes to its smartphone plans. Customers who tend to exceed their monthly allowance certainly will be happy.

The new plans are now called Mobile Share Advantage and include seven options. The cheapest plan costs $30 per month and comes with 1GB of data which is half of what was previously offered. It seems like a strange move, but apparently AT&T has a reason to introduce such plan. Anyway, for $10 per month more, that is $40 per month, you will get 3GB of data and $60 and $80 per month will land you 6GB and 10GB of data, respectively. AT&T’s most popular 15GB plan was increased to 16GB and costs $90 per month (down from $100). There are also two plans for folks who need a lot of data – 25GB for $110 per month and 30GB for $135 per month.

AT&T new smartphone plans - break down
Other than prices and data allowance, other conditions of the plans are unchanged. It means that each plan comes with unlimited talk and text, mobile hotspot usage, rollover data, unlimited texting to over 120 countries, and unlimited texting and calling from the United States to either Canada or Mexico. Moreover, if you pick a 10GB plan or higher, you will get free roaming in Mexico.

What’s even more important than the changes to data buckets, though, is the fact that AT&T put an end to overage fees. Previously, the carrier was charging a whopping $15 per each GB of data that exceeded your monthly allotment. Now, AT&T will throttle connection speed to 2G, but you will still have access to the internet and you won’t pay even one cent more than the cost of your plan. Of course, if you need more high speed data, you can purchase it at any time, but now it will be your choice.

AT&T is not the first carrier to waive overage fees. In fact, it’s one of the last, since T-Mobile stopped charging overages way back in 2014 and Verizon introduced similar changes last month. As for the new plans, they will be available starting August 21.

source: AT&T

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