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Asus to release smaller and cheaper Windows 8 tablets later this year

ByinTablets | May 13, 2013

Asus Windows 8 TabletAfter a few months of whispers and speculations about smaller and cheaper Windows 8 tablets, we are finally getting some solid information. While talking to the Wall Street Journal, Asus CEO Jerry Shen hinted that the company has come up with a strategy that allows them to be “optimistic about sales of Windows 8 tablets this year.” According to Shen, it is also very likely that the prices for Windows 8 tablets will drop to about $300 by the end of this year.

More cheaper Windows tablets coming up…

Small Sized Windows 8 Tablet by AcerBringing Windows 8 tablets to a price level comparable with Android-powered devices could be a huge step towards boosting sales. At the moment, tablets with Windows 8 OS are significantly more expensive than devices with other platforms, reaching an average of $400 – $500. For example, the VivoTab Smart made by Asus costs $449.99.

News about cheaper Windows 8 tablets seem to be confirmed, though indirectly, also by other sources. A while ago, a Microsoft spokesperson revealed that as a result of cooperation with its partners, works on a smaller and cheaper tablet are in progress. Also Intel CEO mentioned the possibility of releasing a much more affordable device.

However, Asus is not the only manufacturer who is planning to go big by thinking small. Acer is about to make available its 8.1-inch Windows 8 tablet. The device actually appeared for a moment on Amazon. Microsoft is reportedly working on a 7-inch version of the Surface too.

source: WSJ

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