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Apple’s iPhone 7 may feature glasses-free 3D display

ByinLeaks & Rumors | November 9, 2014

AppleWe haven’t even managed to cool down after the fervently-anticipated premiere of the iPhone 6, and we have been already showered with leaks concerning its successor. Though Apple made a great step ahead boosting the display size of their iPhones, they can’t get enough and the next year the manufacturer is highly probable to focus again on screen technology, this is at least what says the rumor. More precisely, the company is reported to work on the next gen iPhone 7 equipped with a 3D display technology that may be used without three-dimensional glasses.

Apple is developing 3D hardware and software ecosystem which may be used in the next iPhone 7

iPhone 3D Display PatentAccording to the rumor, Apple is actively developing their 3D hardware and software ecosystem aiming at replacing current in-touch cell technology applied in latest iPhone series displays. The mentioned technology is said not to be compatible with the 3D displays, forcing the manufacturer to search for other more proper solutions in touch sensor design. What may be something more than just a next hearsay, since the Apple’s longtime partner TPK is allegedly raising new capital of $3 billion to produce new 3D panel technology for the upcoming devices.

Obviously, it isn’t the first time the company is working on three-dimensional technology. In the past the giant manufacturer patented both, proximity schemes and more advanced holographic techniques. This time they want to deliver a 3D screen that can be used without the necessity of wearing glasses. Perhaps this may explain Apple’s recent purchase of the PrimeSense, the Isreali chipmaker that provided the 3D sensors for Microsoft’s first gen Kinect.

What’s more the Apple’s concept of the glasses-free 3D display technology isn’t the completely original idea. Such kind of technology may be already observed in phones like HTC EVO 3D and Amazon Fire which just as well offered their users 3D mobile experience without the necessity of using special eyewear. But, frankly speaking the devices were nothing more but a tricky gimmick aiming at drawing customers’ attention.

Although the rumor captures our imagination, simultaneously whetting our appetite for the new iPhone 7, remember that until Apple’s official announcement it isn’t nothing more but an unconfirmed speculation that should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, we can’t rule out that the rumor will turn out to be true and Apple will surprise the world with an iPhone featuring a real glasses-free 3D technology.

source: 9to5mac

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