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Apple’s iTime patent shows company’s broad ambitions regarding the upcoming smartwatches

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Smartwatches | July 28, 2014

Apple iWatchAfter Apple failed in passing iTime patent procedure in 2011, everyone simply thought that the company would put the concept on the shelf of unfulfilled ambitions. But apparently, the Apple’s inventors didn’t want to give up the idea, and now after three years, new information confirming further works on the iTime project has come to the light.

Apple’s iTime patent covers a diverse types of smartwatches.

Apple iWatchLast week The U.S. Trademark and Patent Office has granted Apple with the patent No. 8,787,006 for a wrist-worn electronic device. The mentioned patent covers for diverse types of smartwatch products, such as a smart strap with internal sensor and controls that can support a plug-in media device.

The leaked pics present product labeled as iTime, which is a convertible device that combines both a main unit (like mentioned in the patent protocol media player iPod Nano 6) that can be used with or without the strap, and the mentioned strap itself, which supplies the central unit with various additional features such as: GPS, Wi-Fi, haptic feedback motors for vibration notification, various sensor, NFC antennas, Bluetooth, proximity detectors and biometric components.

According to the patent protocol, the iTime will communicate with iPad, iPhone and even a computer via personal wireless network. The connected devices will create a specific ecosystem of interaction. The Apple patent documentation reveals also that the wristwatch can optionally connect with cellular or Internet-connected device, allowing the items to share data mutually at the user’s request or completely automatically.

So, how exactly does the device work? The procedure is very simple, once it receives a message, notification, call etc. from a nearby phone it alerts the user, who decides whether to use the iPhone or whether to check the message directly through the smartwatch. The information can be displayed on the screen or via sound output such as speakers or headphones. In addition, thanks to iPhone and the wristband link, we can be alerted in case when the device is stolen, left behind or just out of reach.

But undoubtedly, the most innovatory solution in the Apple’s wristband is arm and wrist sensor, which will allow to control the device via variety of gestures. The specific gestures may be assigned to the device’s particular controls. For instance, we can answer the call via wrist shake or turn it down by double wrist shake, no need for using fingers. Very convenient, don’t you think?

Apple has been rumored to launch the iWatch smartwatch with features very similar to the presented in the patent paperwork. The most recent leaks say that the company’s first approach to the wearable devices is supposed to house slightly curved 2.5-inch OLED display. The iWatch is also speculated to be health and wellness oriented, due to built-in fitness tracking functions.

Although there are no further details concerning the device and no official announcement referring to the iWatch’s debut, some sources forecast that the Apple will start the iWatch production in November.

source: Apple Insider

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