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Apple will announce the iPhone 6 on September 9th, it’s official

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 29, 2014

Apple eventApple finally sent invitations to a press event scheduled to take place on September 9th. Since the invitation doesn’t give us the slightest clue so as to what we may except from the event, the whole net is buzzing with speculations. Some of us  think the invitation may concern the iWatch or Siri; other say that during the conference Apple will officially announce the iPhone 6. Let’s play in cryptographers and try to guess what hides behind the Apple’s coded message.

Apple event scheduled on September 9th – What to expect.

Apple InvitationThe date “9.9.2014” and “wish we could say more” this is basically the complete content of the message with the part of the Apple’s iconic logo in the background, though some of us see a finger tapping a button, other a health-related sine wave. Just like in the Rorschach test, everything depends on one’s individual interpretation.

Going deeper into our speculations, the word “say” may suggest that the great invitation concerns the debut of Siri, long-anticipated digital voice assistant. But taking into consideration lack of reliable leaks and the whole mystery veiling the product it’s rather highly improbable. On the other hand, the sine wave can indicate a health-focused wearable device like for example iWatch.

But, still the most convincing theory refers to the fervently-awaited next member of the Apple’s iPhones family, the iPhone6. Which would mean to carry on with the Apple’s well-known launching policy. In case you forget, exactly a year before the upcoming great event Apple released the iPhone 5S. Since, in 2007 Steve Jobs initiated the tradition, there’s another smartphone added to the Apple’s list of offerings every year; and since 2011 new smartphones are always unveiled in fall. Another thing that backs up the thesis is that the date 9.9 can symbolize number 6 written upside-down, and the fact that the number is doubled can suggest that the iPhone 6, just as expected, will be launched in two variants, one with 4.7-inch display, other with  5.5-inch screen. However, some sources say that one of the smartphones will be released later. Other rumored iPhone 6’s specs include 13-megapixel camera and the newest iOS 8, which is said to make using iCloude the user’s second nature.

All these speculations are a clear evidence that the Apple’s marketing campaign has achieved the expected goal, the enigmatic tone of the message has drawn the public attention with the magnetic power.

Apple seems to put great hopes in new iPhone, which may explain the fact that the company has lately asked their manufacturing partners to produce up to even 40 percent more iPhones by the end of this year than they ordered when started launching the iPhone 5S and 5C. The iPhone 6 is expected to be one of the largest product released in terms of size and sales, and the company assumes that the device will generate more than a half of the company’s total smartphone line income.

The official premiere of the iPhone will take place on September 9th in the Apple’s hometown of Cupertino in California. Taking into consideration the fact that the device will debut a week after the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4’s premiere, Apple can’t leave nothing to accident. Time will show whether the iPhone 6 will be the Apple’s another great success or simply a device that isn’t worth the whole fuss accompanying its premiere.

source: CNET

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