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Tim Cook reveals that Apple Watch will start shipping to consumers in April

ByinSmartwatches | January 28, 2015

Apple WatchesAlthough some devices hit the stores the same day as they are announced, it usually takes some time for manufacturers to secure enough stock so that the initial demand will be satisfied. In most cases after official unveiling at least we know the launch date. Sometimes, however, even this detail remains unknown until the very last moment. Apparently, such is Apple’s strategy regarding its Watch. The device was announced in September 2014 and since then we have been waiting to find out when we will be able to buy it. Finally we know – the Apple Watch will start shipping to consumers in April.

Apple Watch will arrive in April

Apple WatchApple introduced its first smartwatch back in September, however, it didn’t provide any details regarding the official date of release. The company only vaguely mentioned something about “early 2015”. Naturally, what follows in such cases is a flood of speculation and that’s exactly what happened. The most recent reports suggested March as possible launch month, but as it turns out, we will have to wait a bit longer. During the quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch will arrive in April which still isn’t very specific but at least we know the month.

For most folks April is not an “early” month and they may be tempted to consider the launch of the Apple Watch as delayed, but it apparently is on schedule. As Cook explained, Apple divides the year into three four-month parts for “early, middle, and late” launch, hence April is “within the range”. While Cook was a bit more forthcoming about the launch, he didn’t reveal any new details regarding pricing. The Watch will start at $349 for the regular model, but the device will be available also in Sport and premium Edition versions, both of which are going to be more expensive.

Apple sure wasn’t in a hurry to reveal launch details but let’s hope that the wait was worth it and the company used this time to fix some of the problems. Recent rumors claim that battery life is less than exciting offering not even a day on active usage and 2-3 days on standby. That’s average to say the least, and the Watch is not supposed to be average. Hopefully, that’s not true anymore.

source: TheVerge

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