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Apple Reuse and Recycle program – Receive up to $345 for used iPhones. Here is how it works

ByinSales & Special Offers | September 2, 2012

Used iPhone
The closer the official date of the Apple’s new iPhone 5 launch, the more offers on older Apple devices appear. Apple has just announced an eco-friendly promotion based on its Reuse and Recycle program, which could leave you with as much as $345 for your used iPhone 4S 64GB. This is $45 more than what Samsung was offering for the same iPhone 4S earlier this year.

Apple Reuse and Recycle program - Receive up to $345 for used iPhones

How can you get so much money?

1. Well, it’s really simple. First you go to the Apple’s Reuse and Recycle program website and select the model, color and condition of your device.

2. You will have to specify whether there are cracks, damage, scratches or scuffs on either the display or case, whether is has been water damaged, whether is works properly, whether the battery charges etc.

3. Then you will have to ship the phone to service provider PowerON and after its condition has been confirmed by the provider, you will receive Apple Gift Certificate eligible for the Apple Store only, whose value will depend on the device’s model and shape.

For the white 64 GB iPhone 4S in a perfect condition you can get $345, for other models somewhat less, but still the amount would make a nice rebate if you decide to use it for the purchase of the new iPhone 5. According to the online wizard, the white 32 GB iPhone 4 will get you $185, the black 32 GB iPhone 3GS – $105, and the black 16 GB iPhone 3G – $55. Trade-ins are also accepted for iPads and computers, not necessarily manufactured by Apple.

And make sure you fill in the form with accurate information, because each device will be evaluated carefully and if its condition is different from what you have stated in the form, you will not receive the certificate.

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  1. htc one s unboxing on September 10, 2012 @ 12:23 am

    Personally HTC One X all the way!! Thumbs? Up!

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