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Apple patents a futuristic protection system that grants your iPhone a safe landing if dropped

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 3, 2014

iPhone 6 Differend ColoursRemember rumors on Apple equipping the iPhone 6 with an extra durable sapphire glass layer protecting the phone’s screen, now the company goes even further with their protection system. Today Apple has been awarded a patent covering a futuristic protection system which is said to recognize when a phone is dropped and re-orient it during the fall in order to avoid destroying sensitive parts of the device, guarantying it a safe landing. Are we entering the era when sci-fi movie-like gadgets become a part of our reality?

Apple’s fall protection system will grant your iPhone safe landing if dropped

Fall Protection PatentEverything started in mid-September 2011 when Apple filled for a patent titled “Protective mechanism for an electronic device” and today the US Patent and Trademark Office officially awarded the manufacturer with Patent No. 8,903,519. The mentioned patent refers to an innovative technology that is said to be introduced to future iPhones.

How this futuristic technology works in practice? Thanks to a wide-range of currently available on the mobile market sensors like accelerometers, GPS, gyroscope etc., the phone operating system will be able to specify various parameters connected with a fall. It will analyze the collected data, compare them with the stored information, find the expected outcome. After that it will trigger a special internal mechanism probably connected with the vibration motor that in turn will change the slate’s center of gravity so that the phone will land safely on its back or one of the sides rather than on the screen, protecting glass elements like screen and camera from being damaged.

Taking into account all those unofficial drop test of currently available iPhones, which indicate that a fall impacts the integrity of the display, even though the phone’s slim but durable body is able to survive almost every drop, the patented technology seems a highly reasonable idea that is likely to solve most problems connected with fragile components. What’s even more interesting this is just the beginning of Apple protecting system innovations, since the company has many more even more exotic solutions waiting for their debut like ejections devices for cables and retractable air foils to control the angle of a fall.

Time will verify whether this unprecedented technology will go mass production, saving our iPhones from ugly spider cracks across their screens, or simply go into oblivion like it happened so far with the sapphire glass screens.

source: AppleInsider

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