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Apple launches battery replacement program free of charge for defective iPhones 5

ByinAnnouncements | August 26, 2014

iPhone 5 batteryThere is one thing that users find especially difficult to deal with when switching from a basic phone to a smartphone – it’s battery life. Due to specific requirements for battery construction and the fact that smartphones are power-hungry devices, frequent charging is what you need to be prepared for. If, however, your phone keeps dying on you unexpectedly and too often, it can mean that you happened to buy a faulty unit. Fear not, though. If you have been facing battery problem with your iPhone 5, there might be good news for you. On Friday, August 22nd, Apple launched a battery replacement program for iPhone 5 after discovering that a certain percentage of units have been found to be defective.

Apple’s battery replacement program

IPhone 5It appears that the units in question have unreasonably short battery life which can’t be explained by normal wear and need to be charged more frequently than others. Not every owner of the iPhone 5 can take part in the program, though, as it turns out that the issue concerns a limited number of devices; namely those that were sold between September 2012 and January 2013.

In order to know if you are eligible for this replacement program, you have to go Apple’s website to the iPhone 5 battery replacement program page. By entering your serial number in the text box, you can ascertain your eligibility. In case you don’t know your serial number, you can visit Apple Support page. However, Apple may still want to verify your eligibility in order to be accepted for this program. For that, you may need to approach an authorized service provider or retail store to get your iPhone 5 examined. You can also get it done through Apple technical support. To locate the nearest service provider or retail store, you may check out the following links: iPhone 5 Battery Support or Apple’s Geniusbar.

What about those who have already replaced the battery on their own? You may contact Apple Customer Care to apply for a refund. Apple is extending this program for consumers for up to two years after first sale or up to March 1st 2015; whichever provides longer coverage.

Before you submit your iPhone 5 to the program, you need to prepare it a bit. First, remember to back up all your data, remove all the content, and turn off “Find my iPhone” feature. Also, if there is any damage to your iPhone 5, for instance cracked screen, you will have to fix that first before you take the for repairing the battery.

This is the second replacement program initiated by Apple. Last year the company carried out replacement program on a smaller scale for iPhone 5S units with sleep/wake button issues. The program is currently available only in the USA and China, but will be launched in other countries on August 29, as reported by 9to5Mac.

Apple is also expected to reveal a next-generation iPhone lineup on September 9. Don’t forget to check it out and all the best with your battery issues!

source: Apple

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