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Apple is planning to launch the largest iPad yet with a stylus pen

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | January 20, 2015

iPad ProAccording to the industry analyst with a reliable track record in predicting Cupertino company’s launching plans, Apple is planning to release their largest ever iPad with a stylus pen. If everything goes in accordance with the company’s plans, measuring 12.9-inch the iPad Pro will be the first Apple’s tablet to sport an input experience enhanced by a special stylus, something so far unprecedented in the iPad history.

12.9-inch Apple’s iPad Pro supporting stylus pen in the works.

iPad Pro with styllus penBeing aware of the fact that a stylus supported devices like for example the famous Galaxy Note 4 are rapidly gaining ground, Apple may seriously think about launching the iPad Pro accompanied by a stylus pen, which delivers far more precise and convenient way of input than a person’s fingerprints. Though, Jobs openly criticized idea of stylus enhanced input during the premiere of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple now believes that a stylus will considerably improve the user’s experience.

Apple’s operating system is oriented towards fingertips input, but still there are a lot of various, especially those pro-concerned, apps that require higher quality precision. This explains why the mobile accessory market is flooded with iPad styluses delivered by third party manufacturers.

As for the design and functionality of the said stylus, initially we shouldn’t expect anything sophisticated, since Apple, making first steps in this field, is likely to release a relatively basic device. However, the manufacturer is highly probable to improve the device and provide its potential users with multiplicity of new features in the nearest future. Speaking more precisely, the first original iPad stylus, being a subject of numerous Apple patents, is rumored to charge via Lightining connector with its future models housing 3D motion sensor and accelerometers, enabling to write on any kind of surfaces, even in the air.

Knowing that price is one of the most important aspects taken into account when buying new slate, Apple, wanting to give its customers several choice options, claims that the stylus won’t be sold along with the iPad. Instead it will be rather an optional accessory offer. In terms of the gadget’s capability, at this point, we don’t know whether the stylus will cooperate with older generations of iPads.

When it comes to the availability details, the latest rumors on the iPad Pro suggest that the tablet, just like previous iPads, will be available sometime in the second quarter of 2015.

source: Appleinsider

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