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iPad Maxi to feature a 12.9-inch screen, iPhone 5S to come with 1704 x 960 display resolution

ByinAnnouncements | May 28, 2013

Apple's iPadThe first half of the year was not exactly eventful as far as Apple products are concerned, but  finally it looks like we have something to discuss. There are signs that the company might be working on a bigger version of the iPad. The iPad Maxi is believed to feature a 12.9-inch display and offer a whopping 128 GB of internal memory. That is double the capacity of the fourth-generation iPad currently on sale. The Wi-Fi only model is expected to cost $799, while the cellular variant will be possibly priced at $929.

New Apple products: iPad Maxi and iPhone 5S

Next iPhone 5SConsidering its pricing, the iPad Maxi will be out of reach for many users. However, Apple seems not to be worried about it. The device, with its large screen and huge storage capacity, will be aimed at a few specific markets, including enterprise, schools, medicine and photography. The iPad Maxi is apparently scheduled for release in the first half of 2014. When it is launched, it will become a worthy competitor to MacBook devices.

Also rumors about Apple’s next iPhone, known as 5S or 6, are becoming more frequent. Most speculations focus on the phone’s display. The screen is rumored to be the same 4-inch size as the current iPhone 5, but offer higher resolution. A 1704 x 960 display would fit 1.5m pixels, thus working out to a pixel density of 489 ppi. We have also heard that, while keeping the same screen size, the phone may be smaller thank to reduced bezels.

source: ETNews

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