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Apple intros Watch 3 with LTE connectivity, new health and fitness features

ByinSmartwatches | September 13, 2017

The Apple Watch 3 will be open for pre-order starting September 15th

Released at the Apple’s special press conference, the new Apple Watch 3 seems to set new standards when it comes to smartwatches. The Apple Watch 3 no longer depends on iPhone for connectivity. Starting with the third gen of Apple’s smartwatches users will have an option to pay additional $10 monthly bill to wireless carrier for access to 4G LTE. Apart from the support for 4G LTE, the device offers a package of health- and fitness-oriented features.

Apple has just released the Apple Watch 3

Apple has just released the Apple Watch 3. Speaking the well-known design language, the new wearable packs built-in cellular and a barometric altimeter.

Although launched alongside the Apple Watch 3, WatchOS 4 sports a plenty of welcome upgrades like the intuitive Hear Rate app, a proactive Siri watch face or an autoset function for pool training, the new smartwatch was the one that stole the show. When compared to its predecessor the new gadget seems to be a whole new monster. Wondering why? Here’s a short outline of the device’s key features.

Built-in cellular

Built-in cellular and GPS are undoubtedly one of the most exciting features of the Apple Watch 3. Earlier smartwatches’ users needed to connect the device with an iPhone via Bluetooth to make use of its functionality. Right now Apple gives its customers the freedom to stay connected without their iPhones and without activating a second number. The Apple Watch 3 uses the same number as your iPhone. You can leave the phone behind and still receive calls and send messages with your smartwatch.

Siri and music streaming

Except for staying in touch with your friends the Apple Watch 3 allows to take advantage of Apple Music and choose from up to 40 million tracks which will stream straight from your wrist. The same with the Apple’s digital assistant, thanks to built-in cellular you can communicate with Siri from the watch through a speaker without the need to have your iPhone with you.

New processor and a W2 chip

Just as the iPhone 8 series, the Apple Watch 3 also received a new faster processor. The dual-core unit delivers 70 percent faster performance and extremely smooth graphics loading. Furthermore, the wearable employs a W2 chip which improves Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. The new chip is promised increase Wi-Fi speeds by up to 85 percent, while simultaneously making it 50 percent more efficient. Regardless all of the new internal components, the Apple Watch 3 keeps the Watch 2’s size-factor and speaks identical design language.

The Apple Watch 3 no longer depends on iPhone for connectivity

Barometric altimeter

The Apple Watch 3 is the first smartwatch to feature a barometric altimeter. The new sensor enables the device to track and record elevation metrics during workouts. Previous generations of the gadget allowed to fully measure elevation only when they were synced with an iPhone. By equipping the device with a barometric altimeter, Apple’s smartwatch can finally rival with other fitness-oriented trackers like Fitbit which incorporated altimeters long time ago.

Availability and pricing

The Apple Watch 3 will be open for pre-order starting September 15th, while on September 22nd  the device will officially hit stores . As for pricing it will range from $329 for the non-cellular version to $399 for the cellular model. Those who don’t want to pay the full retail price may opt for the AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon’s deals on the watch. Each of the three carriers sells the Apple’s Watch 3 for $10 per month of service, after the first three months without charge. As for Sprint, the carrier still needs to confirm pricing details concerning their Apple Watch 3 deal. Remember that even if you’re purchase the cellular version of the wearable you’re not oblige to activate it on wireless plan, you can still use it by syncing with your iPhone.

source: Apple

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