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Apple discounts iPad Air and iPad Mini older generations as the newest models hit the market

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tablets | October 19, 2014

Apple iPadsSome folks are so much into latest technology that they won’t even look at last year’s model of a phone or tablet. Those are usually people who don’t have to save money to buy a new gadget because they have plenty. Users with slimmer wallets wait for price cuts of older models which usually occur when a new device is released. If you were eyeing Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 or iPad Mini now would be a good time to get yourself one. Apple has just discounted the iPad Air and iPad Mini older models as the newest models hit the market.

iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 – New Lower Prices

The politics of reducing prices of previous generation devices soon after new version is launched has been practiced for a very long time not only by Apple but also by other manufacturers. It is a great opportunity to buy an excellent device at a lower price. How much lower? Let’s see.

Older iPads Prices

Last year’s iPad Air with Wi-Fi and 16GB of storage is priced at $399 which is $100 cheaper than the new iPad Air 2, and the 32GB model will set you back $449. If you opt for the iPad Mini 2 with 16GB memory you will also save $100 as the tablet now costs $299. Double the storage comes with a price tag of $349. Surprisingly, the original iPad Mini released in 2012 is also available for purchase and it costs just $249.

As for the models with cellular connectivity, the iPad Air with 16GB and 32GB storage costs $529 and $579, respectively. The iPad Mini 2 goes for $100 less and can be yours for $429 or $479, depending on whether you choose the 16GB or 32GB version. The two-year old iPad Mini is for grabs for $379.

The iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 became official a couple of days ago and they are already available for purchase. As all Apple products, they are pricey, though. If, however, you don’t mind using an older model of the iPad, you can treat yourself to a beautifully built and well-performing tablet at a much more attractive price.

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