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The most anticipated phones coming in 2018

ByinTips & Guides | January 9, 2018

The most anticipated phones coming in 2018
Last year brought us tones of changes to the mobile industry. The 2017 phone design trends included almost invisible bezels, ultra-sharp OLED displays and pro-like dual cameras. What’s particularly interesting, all those features weren’t reserved to only high-end flagship devices, as some of them come down to the budget phones. And with a new year just round the corner, a new generation of new handsets is waiting to revolutionize the mobile market.

With the 2018, the whole mobile community is buzzing with rumors about the upcoming flagships. Are you too wondering what innovations we will be able to see this year? Here’s everything we managed to collect on the most anticipated phones coming in 2018.

The list of the most hotly anticipated phones of the upcoming year opens with Samsung Galaxy X
Every sign in the sky suggests that Apple will stay faithful to the design approach introduced by the iPhone X. What’s more rumor has it that we can expect not one but multiple successors to the tenth gen of the iPhones. Samsung unveiled that in 2018  plan to launch the first truly foldable smartphone. Even Huawei, a mobile maker that isn’t particularly famous in the States, announced they’re ready to conquer the US market with an AI powerhouse in the form of its Mate 10 Pro. Here’s what other surprises we can expect from the 2018 smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy X (2018)

The list of the most hotly anticipated phones of the upcoming year opens with Samsung Galaxy X. Rumors on Samsung very first truly foldable smartphone have been circulating for years. Finally, the new year may bring this fervently awaited handset to the light.

The most popular leak suggests that Samsung is working on a compact phone, possibly called the Galaxy X, which fold out to create a tablet. If to believe the rumor, the phone could have a hinge in the middle that will allow its user to fold the device open to use two OLED panels simultaneously. A similar solution may be already seen in the Axon M from ZTE. The Galaxy X premiere is more than likely, as last September the company’s CEO officially confirmed the project, saying that the device will be launched under the Note brand. Leaks on a filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office concerning the Galaxy X and the device-dedicated support page have only added fuel to the fire.

The Galaxy X appears to be one of the biggest game-changing phones of 2018.

iPhone 2018 (Fall 2018)

The mobile world got slightly crazy over the iPhone X. Conscious of that Apple wants to expand the X’s unique design to a bigger form factor – a Plus version of the smartphone. This is at least what the early rumors say. Furthermore, additional reports also suggest that Apple is looking to enrich is lineup with a lower-cost device, which perhaps won’t be as great as the X, but will be also a step ahead the iPhone 8 series. The phone could feature an LCD display, instead of an OLED screen, and return to metallic back panels available in a variety of colors. With a 6.1-inch screen panel, the phone would be a bit bigger than the 5.8-inch iPhone X and at the same slightly smaller than the 6.3-inch iPhone X Plus.

Since Apple usually launches new iPhones in the fall, everything here may change. So it’s better to take this rumors with a grain of salt.

iPhone SE (First Half 2018)

The update to the X series won’t be the only iPhone premiere we would see in 2018. It’s been almost two years since the iPhone SE debut, but the interest in this 4-inch smartphone packing the same power and optics as the iPhone 6S isn’t loosing on strength. Released in 2016, the iPhone SE is still one of the most capable compact phones to buy, which perhaps isn’t a particularly huge achievement taking into account how smaller-size-factor devices are neglected. However, a new generation of the iPhone SE is rumored to change this state of things.

Recent reports surfacing the net indicate that the iPhone SE follow-up premiere has been scheduled to the first or second quarter of 2018. Regardless of the tones of leaks concerning the device, no one is quite sure what design language it will speak. Some suggest that most probably Apple stays faithful to the SE look keeping most of the existing features. Other claim that it may boast a completely redesigned look.

Perhaps since customers tend to prefer phones with larger displays, even those compact, we can assume that the new iPhone SE may sport an improved screen-to-body ratio. On the other hand, just as in the case of the iPad Mini, Apple may simply decide to release the device without a significant design update.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered one of the hottest offerings of 2017

Samsung Galaxy S9 (February/March 2018)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered one of the hottest offerings of 2017. No wonder then that rumors concerning the company’s next-gen flagship are rolling fast with 2018 on the horizon. Scheduled to debut sometime in spring, the Galaxy S9 is most likely to feature the same revolutionary design introduced by its predecessor.

Even if the device turns out to be subject to the design update, it will be most probably of a conservative character, which means that we can expect the bezel-free Infinity Display. On the other hand, the Galaxy S9 is also rumored to receive a processor upgrade. Rumor has it that the newest model of the Samsung’s flagship will be powered by the Qualcomm’s newest high-end processor – the freshly announced Snapdragon 845. Moreover, the handset will also inherit the Note 8’s dual camera setup and undergo a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner relocation to a more comfortable central position.

Huawei Mate 10 (Early 2018)

Equipped with a built-in support for Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, the Huawei Mate 9 hit the States few months ago. Meanwhile, Asian customers could recently see a pair of successor the Mate 10 and 10 Pro debuting in the local market. Even though Huawei isn’t generous enough to give any specific details on the phone’s US availability, the higher model of the device is likely to join AT&T’s list of offerings. Housing an edge-to-edge display, the phone hides vertically arranged dual rear cameras and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

However, the device’s biggest selling point is the Kirin 970 CPU with the company’s first-ever Neural Processing Unit designed to cope with artificial intelligence assignments  locally on the phone instead on relaying them to the cloud. The processor can even recognize objects through the Mate 10 Pro’s cameras and use the cleverly gained parameters to provide its users with the best possible photos.

LG G7 (Spring 2018)

Next to Samsung and Apple, LG is one of the major mobile makers. Even though the company drops a new flagship phone every year and we have no reason that 2018 will be any difference, we still suffer pretty scarce information on its launching plans for the upcoming year. Despite not too many details, we can assume that the LG G7 will launched in the early or mid spring. One of the leaks interesting enough to process indicates that LG is planning to improve its iris scanning tech for the 2018 version of its G series. Rumor has it that the phone will arrive with a front-facing camera able to switch between infrared and normal light, which may result in fewer components set on the phone’s front panel and smaller bezels.

Another worth mentioning info suggest that the South Korean manufacturer is working with Qualcomm to secure the 845 chip for the G7. This would be a significant improvement over running on the Snapdragon 821 chip the G6. Furthermore, there have always been some rumors indicating that the G6 may arrive with an OLED display similar to this found in the V30, which marked the company’s return to the focus on the display technology in its mobile devices.

HTC U12 (2018)

The HTC U11 was considered one of the best smartphones of 2017. On the other hand, the device also won the title of the worst looking phone. This forced HTC to release a mid-cycle refresh known as the U11 Plus. Sporting smaller bezels and an 18:9 display, the phone isn’t available on the US market. Perhaps the U12 will allow US users to enjoy the benefits of a new design, as HTC seems to learn much of the U11 lesson. Although we still don’t know much about the HTC’s next flagship, early rumors indicate that it will employ a similar full-screen design and add a second camera sensor on the back. Other quite frequently mentioned improvements include 4K display and wireless charging.

The 2018 is likely to be full of great Moto-branded devices

Moto G6 (2018)

Judging by what we’ve seen in 2017, Motorola appears to think that we can be never bored with mid-range phones. In fact, the latest rumors suggest that the company won’t slow down its launching pace. The 2018 is likely to be full of great Moto-branded devices.

In the past years, the mobile market has been enriched by Moto G5, G5 Plus, G5S and G5S Plus. All of them were great affordable offerings. According to the most recent leaks, in 2018 the company may decide to bring back the Play name to the Moto G series. So we can expect device like the Moto G6, G6 Play and G6 Plus to launch in 2018. The Play name will most probably refer to the lower-end model. Moreover, the G line is also rumored to receive a hardware improvement. The upcoming devices are likely to jump to the Qualcomm’s 636 processor from the previous Snapdragon 630.

Red Hydrogen One (2018)

Both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X are undoubtedly fantastic devices, but its close to $1,000 price tag is a bit discouraging for an average mobile user. Still they look like a real bargain when compared to the Red Hydrogen One. The photo-oriented phone is already open for preorder priced at $1,195. Speaking a modular design language,  the phone features a holographic display capable to show 3D content. Considering Red’s input to high-end camera industry, the Red Hydrogen One comes as a warranty of top quality photos. Unfortunately, the release date for this premium phone is still unknown.

Naturally since mobile makers like to keep the biggest innovations top secret, every aspect presented above may change. Remember that all the info above is nothing more than speculations based on rumors and unofficial reports.

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