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Another delay in Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone

ByinAnnouncements | July 14, 2014

TizenSamsung has been feeding us with empty promises on launching its first Tizen phone, for at least a year. Announced in June, the Samsung Z smartphone running Tizen platform was expected to be launched last week during the conference for Tizen developers in Moscow but it didn’t happen. Depending what your consider the first alleged date of its premiere, this will be its third or fourth hold-up.

Samsung’s first Tizen phone launch cancelled

Samsung ZThe Samsung Z is the first phone operating on Tizen system, the newest rival of the Android. The company wants to create a real competitor for the Android, the system on which works the most successful line of Samsung products- the Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Why has Samsung started this war and why do they want to break the alliance? The reason is pretty obvious- money.

Creating its own software Samsung wants to keep apps money for themselves, since the money spent by Galaxy owners on the variety of apps is pumped into Google’s pocket. But, will it really works as they want to? Can they win with the Andorid’s ecosystem, its most powerful weapon, supported by Google’s killer apps such as Maps, Gmail and Google Now, things that, let’s be honest, the so-called clone of Android isn’t likely to have?

When Samsung announced launching of its very own OS, a first based on Linux rival of the hugely dominating Google’s Android, the whole world held its breath. But, the original release of the Tizen phone that was planned on September – August of 2013 didn’t take place. Then, the unveiling was postponed to March 2014 in Japan on NTT DoCoMo, but the plans were eventually killed too, because NTT CoMoDo was afraid of too little interest in the Tizen phone on the Japan’s demanding market, so Samsung decided to put off the Tizen phone premiere to July 2014.

According to the Wall Street Journal reports, the Korean manufacturer planed to introduce its product at a developer show in Moscow on July 11. It was supposed to be its debut on the European market, and the Russians were to be the lucky ones to put their hands on the device for the very first time. Then, the Samsung Z was to conquer the world, including US retailers. But, the premiere was cancelled just a few days before the meeting. Why?

Although the manufacturer didn’t give any exact reason for the another delay in the Samsung Z’ debut, we may assume that it happened due to the lack of proper mobile applications for the platform. Since, there is no official release date for the phone in any region any more, the cause of the another hold-up had to be quite serious. But, the company says they are keeping on working on the phone and the OS itself, because they want to launch a perfect product that will meet the needs of all prospective users with “the fullest portfolio of applications”.

Currently, Tizen supports few devices like Samsung’s cameras, TVs and portable Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, but the company has big plans to introduce it to wider range of products. They want the system to power cars and other wearable devices. But, are they able to repeat the great success of Google’s OS if they have serious problems in launching the first Tizen smartphone?

sources: WSJ

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