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Android NEC Terrain coming to AT&T, takes on BlackBerry Q10 with physical QWERTY keyboard

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 30, 2013

NECYou can probably name all the leading cell phone manufacturers, the majority of less famous ones and one or two low-profile companies. However, NEC does not fit into any of these categories. Raising your eyebrows in surprise at hearing the name? It is understandable. Few people have heard of the company, since no smartphone manufactured by NEC ever made to any US store. And it is not because its device are so horrible. In fact, NEC has some pretty awesome offerings but has kept its focus on its homeland market – Japan. We think that it is about to change.

AT&T NEC Terrain QWERTY Android Phone

NEC Terrain Leaked Image@evleaks twitted a photo of a NEC phone sporting an AT&T logo, which clearly suggests that the company is ready to try its luck on other markets. The image was not accompanied by any details but we can still comment on some aspects of the device. The NEC Terrain, as it appears to be its name, brings to mind BlackBerry phones as it features a QWERTY keyboard below the screen. Most of the world already got used to all-touch devices, hence such design is not very popular today. There are, however, some folks out there who prefer to feel actual keys under their fingers rather than tap on virtual buttons, so it could be one of the handset’s strong points.

The screen seems to measure about 3.5 inches diagonally, though it is hard to tell just by looking at the photo. The NEC Terrain is equipped with two cameras and has a removable battery. Obviously, the phone runs Android OS, but it is unclear which version. Our guess is that it is the no-so-recent Ice Cream Sandwich, but then again, a newer iteration is also possible. If the NEC Terrain is indeed heading to AT&T, which probably is because @evleaks is rarely wrong, we should have more information soon.

source: @evleaks

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