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6-inch Alcatel Pop Mega phablet with extra Buddy phone coming to Tracfone’s prepaid Straight Talk next month

ByinLeaks & Rumors | October 1, 2014

Alcatel Pop MegaEvery user of a large smartphone knows that phablets are great for reading, watching videos and browsing the net. However, making calls through them can be uncomfortable and odd, since due to their massive screens they are hard to use with the help of a single hand. Apparently, Alcatel seems to find out a solution for this problem. Its latest Android phablet, the Pop Mega, goes on sale with an additional Buddy small phone. The devices are scheduled to go on sale next month from Tracfone’s Straight Talk prepaid service.

Alcatel Pop Mega with additional Buddy Phone

Alcatel Pop Mega with Buddy PhoneThe upcoming Alcatel Pop Mega is a 6-inch smartphone that comes with a secondary small phone. The phone, which is affectionately called Buddy, is according to Alcatel the perfect phablet’s assisting device more convenient than the phablet itself as it comes to making calls, receiving SMS messages and notifications. Traditionally, the phone connects with the Pop Mega via standard Bluetooth connection. The company says that though the Pop Mega is a perfect device for browsing web, watching videos and doing all the other stuff you normally do with your smartphone, the Alcatel Buddy simply makes calling much easier.

Making phone calls isn’t the only thing the Buddy is capable of, it can also control music, give you the access to your contacts and check the call history stored on the main device. Additionally, the device is also said to help save phablet’s battery life. Although the Buddy seems to be really handy, it can discourage the Pop Mega’s future users with its design resembling first cell phones.

Moving on to the Pop Mega’s specs, we know that the device will feature a sub-HD display with low 960x540p resolution, which surely isn’t what we expect from such a massive screen. Such a poor resolution means that the phablet’s future users will have to get used to see individual pixels even from quite a distance. But there is also a good news, the slate is reported to be launched with LTE connectivity, which definitely makes it a worth considering budget-friendly phablet.

Speaking of the multipurpose devices, Alcatel isn’t the first manufacturer to come with such an idea. In case you don’t remember ASUS launch similarly working products like ASUS PadFone, which is a phone housed in a tablet that can be used as a separate phone. HTC did a similar job with launching its HTC Mini+.

The Alcatel Pop Mega and the Buddy are scheduled to hit the market next month. They will be available on Tracfone’s prepaid Straight Talk. The device won’t be sold separately and the combo packaged is said to cost less than $250, which is a good deal especially when we take into consideration the fact that the HTC Mini + costs $100 and is sold separately.

source: TheVerge | PhoneScoop

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