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Kyocera S2100
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Need an affordable and easy to use entry-level phone with a camera? The Kyocera S2100 might be the one you are looking for. Apart from basic functions like making calls and sending messages, this clamshell handset also offers VGA camera, Bluetooth, external display, voice command, and Opera Mini browser for easy access to the internet, email and IM, Yahoo, AOL, Live, and Gmail and other portals. Released in 2011 for Virgin Mobile, the phone is available today at a cheap price.

Buying basic phones is a great option when you need a replacement phone but are on a tight budget. You can save even more if you buy a phone from third-party vendors. However, buying cheap phones online at unusually low prices may turn out that the phone won’t be as satisfying as you expect. When you shop online, keep few things in mind. You know the rule – you get what you pay for. Read few tips below to avoid common mistakes and disappointing purchases, as the tips will help you find a cheap phone at great value and buy it with confidence.

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Kyocera S2100 Specs

  • Manufacturer: Kyocera
  • Model: S2100
  • Condition: New
  • Contract: No Contract Phone
  • Service Provider: Virgin Mobile
  • SIM Card Compatibility: This is a CDMA phone. It does not support SIM cards.
  • Cellular Bands: CDMA 1900 (some versions may have CDMA 850 / 1700 / 1900)
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Kyocera S2100 Details

  • Name: Kyocera S2100
  • Form Factor (Design): Flip Phone
  • Weight: 3 ounces (85 grams)
  • Dimensions: 1.9 inches wide x 3.7 inches high x 0.7 inches deep
  • Color: Black
  • Estimated Battery Talk: 4.2 hours max. Actual performance will vary based on phone settings, environmental conditions, and usage.
  • Estimated Battery Standby: 300 hours max. Actual performance will vary based on phone settings, environmental conditions, and usage.
  • Manufacturer Part No.: S2100
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Kyocera S2100 Features

  • GPS Navigation: A-GPS
  • Keyboard: Numeric Keypad
  • Internet Browser: WAP Mobile Browser
  • Bluetooth: Version 2.1+EDR Supported Profiles: HSP 1.1, HFP 1.5, OPP, FTP, PBA, DUN, BPP, BIP
  • Email: Protocols Supported: IMAP, POP3
  • Camera Resolution: Less than 1 Megapixel
  • Voice Dialing: Speaker-independent (automatic)
Before you buy...

A closer look. What you should know.

  • The Kyocera S2100 is an entry-level phone what makes it one of the most affordable devices at Virgin Mobile.
  • The phone may come without original retail packaging. It happens when retailers buy brand new handsets in bulk from service providers. Ask the seller whether the phone comes in retail box or bulk.
  • User manual may not be included if the phones are offered in bulk packaging. However, you can download it at this page for free.
  • Handset is equipped with low resolution display and camera.
  • Lack of video recording and flash on camera.
  • Phone does not feature 3G high speed data.
  • To activate the phone you need to contact with Virgin Mobile.
  • To use the phone you need to be a Virgin Mobile subscriber.
  • This phone does not support SIM cards. It cannot be used overseas.
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