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Unlocked Phones

Need a cheap unlocked phone? Well, here you can find the best deals on unlocked phones available Today. However, first read few facts below to avoid common mistakes done while buying unlocked devices.

Planning to use unlocked phone on prepaid network? Unlocked phones can be used on prepaid Metro PCS, Cricket, Net10, Straight Talk and Simple Mobile. Some models can be used on AT&T or T-Mobile prepaid plans. First check with service provider about the model that you buy because not all of them are compatible with all services.

Unlocked phones cannot be used with CDMA carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile. CDMA devices do not support SIM cards.

Buying unlocked international versions of popular phones carries the risk that device may not support 3G / 4G frequencies on your service provider network and you may end up with 2G data speed.

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Unlocked Phones For Sale (609)

Find the best deal available today on new, used and refurbished phones.

Compare up to 4 phones:
Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlocked Smartphone, Used Phone with 5MP Camera (Black)

Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlocked Smartphone, Used Phone with 5MP Camera (Black...

Today Price:


Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlocked Refurbished Phone with QWERTY (Black)

Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlocked Refurbished Phone with QWERTY Keyboard (Black...

Today Price:



New Blackberry Bold 9650 Verizon Unlocked Phone, Global Edition Smartphone

Today Price:


New Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlocked Smartphone with 5MP Camera | Cheap Phones

New Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlocked Smartphone with 5MP Camera

Today Price:


Unlocked Blackberry Q5 - Cheap Phones

Blackberry Q5 Used Phone, Unlocked QWERTY Smartphone

Today Price:


Crossover P8000 Unlocked

Pantech Crossover P8000 Unlocked Refurbished Phone

Today Price:


Apple iPhone 6S Plus Used Unlocked Phone Phablet for AT&T, T-Mobile Used Phone, Gold

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Unlocked AT&T, T-Mobile Used Phone, Gold

Today Price:


Blackberry Bold 9650 Unlocked Verizon Smartphone, Refurbished | Cheap Phones

Blackberry Bold 9650 Unlocked Verizon Smartphone, Refurbished Phone

Today Price:


Blackberry Curve 9360

Blackberry Curve 9360 Unlocked Refurbished Phone

Today Price:


Sharp Aquos Crystal Boost

New Sharp Aquos Crystal Boost Mobile Phone

Today Price:


Apple iPhone 5S 32GB Unlocked

Apple iPhone 5S 32GB Unlocked Used Phone for AT&T, T-Mobile and more (...

Today Price:


Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II i777 Android Unlocked Phone, Refurbished | Cheap Phones

Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II i777 Android Unlocked Phone, Refurbished

Today Price:


Used LG G4 Phone in Brown Leather

LG G4 Used Phone, Unlocked Smartphone for AT&T, T-Mobile and more

Today Price:


Apple iPhone 5 Verizon Unlocked

New Apple iPhone 5 16GB Verizon Unlocked Phone

Today Price:


Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925 Unlocked Used Phone for AT&T, T-Mobile

Today Price:


Sony Xperia U

Sony Xperia U Android Unlocked Phone

Today Price:


Blackberry Bold 9650 | Cheap Phones

Blackberry Bold 9650 Unlocked Verizon Used Phone – QWERTY, GSM, CDMA

Today Price:


iPhone 5S Refurbished Phone

Apple iPhone 5S Refurbished Unlocked Smartphone

Today Price:


iPhone 6 Space Grey

New Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked Phone, Space Grey

Today Price:


Sony Xperia Z3 Compact White

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact White Unlocked Used Phone

Today Price:


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Why you should buy an unlocked phone

If you are in the market for a new, used or refurbished phone which will help you save some money in the long run, an unlocked device is the way to go.

There are many places where you can buy smartphones, but for most customers the first choice is a carrier’s store. Of course, a device purchased from a service provider is locked which results in a number of limitations. However, this way is fast, easy and convenient, since during one visit in the store you can not only buy a phone but also choose a plan and do all the required paperwork. But is it really the best option? Do you know what you give up when you buy a locked phone? If not, here are top 8 reasons why you should buy unlocked phones.

Increased network compatibility

Even though all US major carriers’ coverage is quite decent in most regions, there are still areas where it can be spotty at best or non-existent at worst. That poses a huge problem for users who travel often either for work or pleasure. Instead of struggling to find signal or buying a second device, you can opt for an unlocked phone, which will work just fine with any GSM carrier.

Money saver

It may seem controversial at first, but in fact it’s true. Back in times when contracts were the most common option, unlocked phones were often dismissed as being more expensive compared to the locked devices. However, keep in mind that savings brought by subsidized pricing were ostensible, since you had to pay off the remaining balance anyway, only it was included in your monthly bills.

It’s true that when buying an unlocked phone you have to pay full price at checkout, though some manufacturers also offer financing options, but you will be saving money in the long run. First of all, since an unlocked phone is not tied to any carrier, you can save money by choosing a cheaper plan. Moreover, unlocked phones are offered by independent sellers who often sell them at more affordable prices.

No roaming charges

While traveling in the US with a locked phone is not such a big issue since all major carrier offer pretty good or at least acceptable coverage in most areas, it’s not so easy when you go abroad. In such case you basically have two choices – buy a second device to use for travels to foreign countries or take advantage of your carrier’s roaming service, both of which can be pretty expensive. With an unlocked phone you don’t have to do neither one nor the other. You simply insert a SIM card from a local carrier and you are good to go.

More network options

If you buy a locked phone from a carrier or a retailer, the device will work only on that particular network. It’s a real bummer for people who want to keep better control over their bills by switching to plans that better suit their needs and budget condition. It’s not a problem in case of unlocked devices, since such phones are usually compatible with any GSM network. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about early termination fees.

Wider range of phone models

Although US carriers, at least the major ones, constantly add new devices to their portfolios, the selection of smartphones is still pretty limited. Some models are exclusive to only one network, while others are not available through carrier stores at all. In such case, the best solution would be to buy an unlocked device and use it with a carrier of your choice. Moreover, if you are one of those users who always want to stay up-to-date, you can upgrade to a new model as often as you wish without having to wait the required number of months or worrying about additional fees.

Increased resale value

Unless you want to keep every device you ever owned, the most logical solution would be to sell it once you get yourself a newer model. Here’s where unlocked cell phones shine again. Compared to locked devices, unlocked phones can sell for up to 30% more. In addition, it’s much easier to sell an unlocked handset because there are many more potential buyers in the market for such phone. The explanation is very simple – a locked phone can work only on one network, so the only people interested in the device would be the subscribers of that particular carrier, whereas unlocked handsets are compatible with many carriers, hence there are many more potential buyers.

Easier to customized

Another advantage of unlocked phones is that they give you much more freedom in terms of customization and updating. Since there are no software limitations which can seriously hinder the update process, you can enjoy the latest version of the operating system. Moreover, unlocked cell phones come with no carrier-specific apps, services, wallpapers, sounds, etc., which means more space for apps you really want and need.

Easier to service or replace

If an unlocked phone breaks and needs to be serviced or replaced, you can simply take out your SIM card and put it in another unlocked phone and you don’t even have to contact your carrier. If the phone can’t be fixed, you can easily buy another device of your choice without having to wait for eligibility for upgrade. For this reason, unlocked phones make great replacement devices.

Summing up

Unlocked cell phones are perfect for users who value flexibility and freedom in choice of models and service providers. Moreover, even though buying unlocked phones requires paying full price upfront, such devices can bring significant savings in the long run. First of all, when you own an unlocked phone you can switch to a cheaper plan at any time. Furthermore, you can avoid roaming charges and early termination fees. Finally, you can resell an unlocked handset at a higher price than a locked variant.

If you need a cheap unlocked phone

If you are in the market for an unlocked phone for cheap, you can buy one through Cheap Phones service which offers the most advanced and comprehensive search tools available today for easy and convenient way to find any desired phone. With a few clicks you can compare specs, features and prices of the most popular brands and buy a phone at great value and lowest price whether you look for a new, used or a refurbished phone.