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Cheap Phablets

Thinking of buying a phablet? Here are 5 reasons why you should and how to buy it for cheap.

Over the last few years, smartphones have grown considerably in size. Oversized phones with measurements close to tablets even have their own name - phablets which was coined from the words "phone" and "tablet." If you are wondering whether to buy a phablet, here are a few reasons that could convince you that it's a great idea.

Large screen - From many users' point of view, screen is the most important component of a smartphone. The bigger the screen the more comfortably you will be able to perform such activities as reading e-books, watching videos, editing documents, etc, and you will be able to do so without straining your eyes.

Better battery life - The larger the body of a phone, the bigger and more capacious battery a manufacturer is able to place inside. Since poor battery life is the main issue in most smartphones, every increase in battery capacity can make a world of difference. Moreover, many phablets come with fast charge technology which allows the device to gather several hours worth of charge in just a few minutes.

All-in-one device - Due to their size, phablets allow to perform more tasks than a smartphone with a small screen. In many cases phablets can easily replace laptops, digital cameras, hence limiting the number of devices you use on daily basis.

Easier typing - All of us who worked on PCs and laptops, are used to typing with two hands. Large phones have keyboards of adequate sizes which allow for faster and more accurate typing, this way reducing the number of errors and saving time on correcting them.

Multitasking - Large phone take multitasking to a whole new level. Thanks to multi window functionality you can open several windows on a single screen which will save you lots of time on switching between apps.

How to buy a cheap phablet in three easy steps.

Phablets, especially top-tier ones, tend to be rather expensive, however, there are a few options that would allow you to snag them cheaper.

First of all, look beyond your carrier's store to avoid paying full retail price. Compare prices and deals offered by third-party vendors.

Secondly, you may want to look for a high-end phablet released a year or two years ago. Despite of the age, these are still capable to deliver great user experience for cheap.

Finally, you can opt for a used or refurbished phone. In many cases it will be in a decent condition but since it's not brand new, it will be offered at a much lower price.

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8 Solid reasons why you should buy phablets over compact phones.

As smartphones become more common in the market, there are more variety of devices available to interested consumers. Most phones come in two sizes: small (anything under 5 inches) and large (usually above 5 inches). Most major phone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC to name a few, offer both variations in size as no phone size can fit everyone. Some people prefer phablets with a larger screen size while others are more appreciative of devices that offer pocket comfort and portability.

While portability aspects are usually straightforward, there are some key advantages of getting a phablet – a smartphone/tablet hybrid that extend far beyond size. Included below are a list of eight key reasons why large phones may be superior in some aspects.

1. Battery Life

Not enough battery life is the most common complaint among smartphone users. While this is of no surprise, heavier usage might result in your phone dying sooner than you would like. With a larger phone, this is less likely to happen as there is more space to bundle a larger battery. While size alone cannot guarantee real-world battery life, other factors that impact the battery power include operating system optimizations, display power draw, and SoC efficiency just to name a few.

A good example of this comes from the Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus which has a longer battery life than the 6s, offering up to 24 hours of talk time on a 3G network versus 14 hours respectively. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offers users the same experience in comparison to the Galaxy S6. Both of which have important size differences.

2. Ease of Getting Stuff Done

Larger phones allow users to get all sorts of things done faster than smaller devices. Some common tasks include filling in or editing Excel sheets, responding to emails and other business related needs, unleashing creativity in Garage Band, sketching on your phone, taking and editing pictures, or even editing short videos. These are just some tasks to name a few out of the many options that are improved on these larger devices.

3. Faster Typing

In modern times, most people keep in contact using messenger apps like texting, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IMs, etc. Just think, having a larger virtual keyboard allows users to type more accurately and more efficiently than they would on a smaller keyboard. It is important to note however that not all large keyboards are made the same and sometimes poor screen reception is the cause of delays rather than size.

4. Better Hardware

In many cases, manufacturers position larger phones as a more premium devices. Whether it offers a slightly faster processor, optical image stabilization, or even better heat dissipation for the CPU, most new phablets have a better improved hardware than smaller screen phones. It is hard to point to specific reasons why large phones come with better hardware but the general principle is that a larger frame allows for more powerful silicon which runs at higher clock speeds, cools the device more efficiently, plus it allows features which require more space such as optical image stabilization in cameras to fit.

5. Better Gaming Experience

If you were to try playing any game on a smaller screen then try to play it on a larger display, you typically will find yourself scoring higher and playing better on the larger screen device. Not only is the screen larger allowing you to see more, but there is more space for your thumbs to operate the game without clutter the display.

6. Improved Speaker Sound Quality

In many ways, sound quality on a smartphone is limited due to the small audio chambers. Even the smallest size increase can contribute to larger audio chambers and in turn, contribute to larger differences in sound quality. Larger speaker chambers, such as those found on the HTC One series, are able to produce more impressive, richer sound that has some depth to it (which is usually the component missing on an average smartphone). Of course other factors go into producing a great sounding speaker but a larger size phone does make an impact.

7. Higher Resolution Screen

Most compact 5-inch smartphones come with a lower resolution and lower pixel density than its larger counterpart. While 1080 x 1920 pixel Full HD resolutions are still the norm for 5 inch phones, larger phones commonly feature Quad HD displays (1440 x 2560 pixels) for sharper and crispier visuals. If you stare at your screen for longer periods of time from up close, you might notice the difference between the different screen resolutions. The only other noticeable time would be when you are reading books – especially with smaller fonts.

8. User Interface and Productivity Tools

Not only are there some major hardware differences, there are also some software features reserved only for phablets. One of the most logical examples is the landscape mode function on the iPhone 6s Plus which allows you to rotate the phone horizontally and have the home screen icons spin in this orientation as well. The smaller 4.7 inch iPhone 6s is not capable of this feature.

These eight listed features are only some of the differences between larger smartphones and compact phones what make the phablets a great buy today. Now that smartphones are becoming more common, phablet-like devices offer some advanced features which professionals and gamers on-the-go may prefer.