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BLU Phones For Sale (11)

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Cheap Blu Phones

Hunting for a cheap BLU phone? No wonder, since BLU Product knows how to pack great specs into nicely-looking body and sold them at really competitive price. While buying a BLU phone you will get a solid quality handset that won't disappoint even the most demanding users. Some of the recently launched models deserve a special spotlight here.

The BLU Studio 7.0, a tablet and a phone hybrid featuring monstrous 7-inch display - perfect for watching movies and surfing the net. The BLU Studio Energy with extremely powerful 5,000 mAh battery providing up to 4 days of work and entertainment on a single charging. Measuring only 5.1 mm thick, the beautifully-crafted BLU Vivo Air is one of the thinnest smartphones available to buy today in the market.

At this point, none of the US carriers offer BLU phones at discounted prices or for free on contract, but they can be obtained SIM-lock free from any merchant affiliated with the mobile maker. Since the phones are unlocked they can be used with any GSM carrier of your choice, such as: AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Metro PCS and Cricket.

All BLU phones gained its popularity thanks to budget-friendly offerings delivering a great value for your buck. Despite of their natural low price tag, there a few ways to buy them even cheaper. How? Firstly, compare merchants offers before your pull a trigger on any deal.

Furthermore, you can look for an used phone in good condition. This way you will get a the same featured smartphone at much more affordable price. Refurbished phones are also much cheaper than brand new devices purchased in stores. If you don’t mind an older phone, you could think about buying BLU phones released last year. Such phones are still capable of delivering decent user experience and are sold for cheap today.

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