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How to activate a new Sprint phone on your existing account

ByinTips & Guides | January 11, 2019

How to activate a new Sprint phone on your existing account

Picking up a new smartphone is one of the most exciting experiences for any smart technology enthusiasts. However, before you can fully enjoy all the cool features, there are a few things you need to do, such as decide on a carrier, choose a plan, and most importantly, activate the device. Sprint, like other service providers, allows customers to activate their phones in a couple of ways. This is how you can do it without getting off the couch.

Want to add a new phone to your Sprint account? You can do it in three easy ways.

Activation over the phone

Before you activate the phone

In order to activate a phone on Sprint, you will need the device’s ESN (Electronic Serial Number) which is used to identify a handset belonging to a particular network. Keep in mind, that ESN is not the same as serial number or FCC ID number. You can find the ESN number on a sticker under the battery or, if the battery is non-removable, on the back of the phone. The number can be in Decimal or Hexadecimal format – the former consists of 11 character which are numbers, while the latter contains 8 characters which are both numbers and letters.

Once you have the number, fully charge the battery. When activating your phone, you will need to power it on to perform setup and you don’t want the device to die on you during the process. Additional bonus is that when the activation is complete, you will be able to take your handset for a test drive immediately. To speed up the process, have at hand your account information and PIN.

Activation over the phone

You will need another phone to call Sprint customer care at 888-211-4727. Then, at the prompt, enter your 10 digit phone number and carefully follow the instructions until Customer Service Representative answers. If you want to talk to the Representative immediately, just press 0. You will be asked for the ESN number of the phone that you want to activate and then you will get a code to enter into the device so that the setup can be performed over the air. The last step is to power the phone off and on again and to dial *228. After a minute or so your phone will be activated.

Activation through Sprint website

This method is fast and easy and can be done at any time, though you will need access to the internet. In order to activate your phone online, just go to sprint.com/howtoactivate and follow the prompts.

Activation at dealer store

Of course, you can always take your phone to a Sprint store and have a Sprint employee activate it for you. The only thing you will have to do, is hand your phone to a clerk and answer a few questions, and the rest will be takes care of by Sprint employee. Keep in mind, though, that this option will be time consuming – you will have to go to a dealer store, probably wait in line for your turn and then begin the process.

If you don’t feel like leaving your home, you can easily activate your device over the phone or online. Each method is pretty fast and doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill so most likely you will do just fine. Good luck!

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