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Acer to launch 3.5-inch Liquid ZX, an Android phone proud to be small

ByinAnnouncements | June 19, 2013

Explore Beyond Limits AcerLong gone are times when a 3.5-inch phone was all the rage. As smartphones began acquiring more and more functions previously reserved for PCs and laptops, the need for larger screens became obvious. Handsets keep growing in size to a point where a distinction between a phone and a tablet is not easy to make. With that in mind, the term “big” used in reference to a phone, was redefined. What was considered “big” (and high-end) three years ago, is mid-range at best, if not low-end, today. Also smaller devices are associated with low specs and thus often dismissed out of hand.

Acer Liquid ZX Phone – Proud to be Small

AcerBut it does not have to be that way, according to Acer. There are still many people who prefer smaller phones simply because they are more handy to use. With those users in mind, the company is going to release a 3.5-inch Android smartphone known as the Acer Liquid ZX. If our interpretation of Acer’s president of smartphone ST Liew’s words is correct, it will not be just another low-end offering and actually might be worth considering.

As Acer’s smartphone division president ST Liew stated: “A lot of people have started abandoning 3.5-inch. No, we are going to persist on 3.5-inch and we are going to make a 3.5-inch suitable for a segment of people that treasure smaller screen devices. (…) We are going to announce a 3.5-inch device pretty soon which is proud to be small.”

While Liew did not elaborate on any technical details, calling the phone “proud to be small” makes us believe that the device will come with decent hardware and software. Also Acer will probably keep the phone stock, so chances for quick updates and no bloatware are pretty high.

source: Pocket-lint

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