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Acer may launch 5.98-inch Liquid S2 ‘Hemingway’ on August at price $790

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 20, 2013

Acer Phones Roadmap Q3 2013Although it is just two months old, it appears that the Acer Liquid S1 is going to have a successor in the not so distant future. While it is not entirely unusual to launch a follow-up device so soon, the news is still kind of surprising. The information supposedly comes from no other than Acer itself, a leaked roadmap to be more exact. Assuming that the roadmap is legit, more details about Acer’s new phablet should come soon.

5.98-inch Acer Liquid S2 codenamed Hemingway

Acer Liquid S2 LeakThe Acer Liquid S2, codenamed Hemingway, will allegedly arrive at the stores with a price tag of about $790 or 600 euros. The phone will be a tad bigger than its predecessor sporting a 5.98-inch Full HD IPS display. From what we hear, it will be powered by a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, possibly a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, paired with 2 GB of RAM. The handset will offer 16 GB of internal storage and will support NFC.

All these specs sound exciting in general, but that is what you would expect of a high-end smartphone. There is one detail in the leak, however, that captured our attention. It is the mention of a mysterious K OS. Will Acer release the Liquid S2 running Android 5.0 Keylime? We cannot completely exclude such a possibility, however it seems to sound a bit far fetched. For one, Acer’s new offering might be launched in August, according to the leaked roadmap at least. On the other hand, Android 5.0 Keylime is expected to see the light of day in the third quarter of this year, so the timing feels off. We will have to wait and see. For the time being, take the news with a pinch of salt.

source: Computer Base

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