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6-inch LG G Flex curved-screen smartphone revealed in press photos

ByinLeaks & Rumors | October 14, 2013

LG Flex Curved PhoneThree, two, one and off they go. The race in the league of smartphones with curved displays has officially began. The first company to pioneer the new field was Samsung with its Galaxy Round that has been available in South Korea since last week. However, there was never any doubt that other manufacturers would follow rather sooner than later. It appears that the second to join the fun will be LG. The company has in the works a curved-screen smartphone known as the LG G Flex.

LG G Flex Horizontally Curved Phone…

LG G FlexUntil smartphone makers find a way to make truly flexible devices, the only way to contribute to this innovative field is by curving the screen and the whole phone. Unless you want your handset to look like a sci-fi piece of equipment, the only solutions seems to be bending the phone horizontally or vertically. Samsung went for the former approach. LG, on the other hand, seems to prefer playing with the other axis.

Engadget got hold of the renders of the LG G Flex that show the device from different angles. The phone seems to have a removable back plate and there are no capacitive buttons on the front panel. On the back there is a prominent bulge that could accommodate camera.

The device will most likely pack a massive 6-inch display. The “G” part of the name suggests a high-end offering, though no details about hardware or software are available at the moment. According to the rumors, the LG G Flex may be carried by AT&T and Sprint.

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