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How will HTC M7 look like? Images, leaks and rumors negate each other

ByinLeaks & Rumors | January 22, 2013

HTCWith World Mobile Congress being just around the corner, the rumor machine is working at full steam once again, with facts, speculations and images leaking like crazy. One of the heroes of these leaks is the HTC M7, the soon-to-be HTC flagship device expected to be unveiled in Barcelona next month. “Nothing new, that’s how things are in this business”, you would say. Except this time, it is really hard to make head or tail of the pieces of information we are hearing, with one rumor contradicting another. But let’s start from the beginning.

Spotted images of the new HTC M7

HTC M7 WhiteThe first in the series of images that showed up over the weekend supposedly depicts the HTC M7 turned on. This is interesting, since the design is identical to what we saw in the very first press render from last week. If true, this could give us a more clear picture of how the front face of the M7 looks like. On the other hand, for all we know, the screen could have been “turned on” in Photoshop with the back created in the same way, so take this news with a grain of salt.

Soon after that, another image got leaked. This one is a rendering made by a fan, not an actual photo, but from what we hear from folks who supposedly were able to take a good look at the phone, it is pretty accurate. The phone seems to have an “elongated” face and slightly rounded corners. HTC M7 BlackNoticed the placement of the Android buttons? The “home” button is moved to the right and “recently used” to the middle, and this is the order that HTC is planning to implement in the upcoming devices. Interestingly enough, this is how the HTC M7 was described on a Polish site Czujnym Okiem and the post appeared a few days before the images started circulating. The back looks completely different and seems to be based on HTC’s recent Windows Phones.

Finally, we have what appears to be a real photo of the M7, or at least the source claims it is one. The front looks close enough to the render to assume that the image may be legit. And again, the back panel is off and this time it resembles greatly Verizon’s Droid DNA. The last photos were accompanied by supposed screenshots HTC M7 Latest Imagesshowing HTC Sense 5.0, the latest version of user interface that is supposed to debut together with the M7. The first thing you notice is that HTC’s iconic flip clock was given a digital flavor. Besides, the interface looks tidier and cleaner than before, the top notification bar is transparent, the lock screen and some default widgets seem to have been tweaked, while the dialer is closer to the one on vanilla Android.

More rumors about the HTC M7 will probably spill out soon, so you better keep that salt close by in came you need it. Which version do you like the most?

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