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22 Responses to “Tips & Guides”

  1. I need to find an android phone I can replace the phone I lost with. How do I ensure that the phone can be added to my Verizon contract?

    • Gwen, all phones offered via Cheap Phones come with clean ESN number and ready for activation. Each purchase is covered by store return policy and protected additionally by buyer protection program.

  2. Can all verizon’s phone be use for pageplus or do it just have say a pageplus phone? Because I want an apple or galaxy phone.

  3. I want to use straight talk as my carrier but want to buy a smartphone. Do I need to buy an unlocked phone or will any refurbished phone work with straight talk?

  4. I am interested in advertising on your website I can pay for that, let me know please.

  5. Hey, some one advise me. How do i go along with the process of buying and having a phone shipped to Africa? Uganda specifically?

  6. Joanna Dorsey on January 3, 2014 @ 4:08 pm

    I need a tmobile phone. I am still under a contract and the phone I have do not work. I didn’t have insurance. I just need a phone for about 4 months until my contract is over with tmobile. Can you please provide me with a good refurbished phone?

  7. Do your verizon phones have clean esn nmbrs?

  8. What is your warranty?

  9. If I already have a phone by another company can I use your service and keep my same phone number?

    • Beverly, what do you mean by ‘can I use your service’? We help people to get the right phone, but you said that you have already one.

  10. peggy Watkins on May 18, 2013 @ 8:59 pm

    I I just want to know If I can use a sprint phone on boost mobilised

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