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ZTE and Cricket launched a $199 phablet that packs 6-inch FHD screen, octa-core processor and huge battery

ByinNew Phones | 7 hours ago

ZTE and Cricket launched a $199.99 phablet
When phablets first appeared on the market, some skeptics predicted that they would have a short-lived carrier. It didn’t happen, though. On the contrary, customers fell in love with large-screen phones so displays kept growing in size and today you might have a hard time finding a handset which measures below 5 inches. It proves that huge screens are what users want so in order to make their customers happy, ZTE and Cricket launched a $199.99 phablet that packs a 6-inch FHD screen, octa-core processor and huge battery.

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ZTE announced two full metal Android phones: Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite, both priced under $300

ByinAnnouncements | February 22, 2016

Blade V7 devices sport full metal body, nice specs and a sub-$300 price tag
Since Samsung and LG have already unveiled the latest updates to their flagship lines, now the time has come for less known mobile makers to present their latest offering. Taking their chances ZTE steals the show on the first day of the MWC 2016 expo and releases two new phones. Dubbed Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite the handsets debut as a mix of stylish full metal body design, decent hardware and an affordable under $300 price tag.

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ZTE Grand X3 is now on sale at AT&T’s Cricket Wireless online store priced $129.99

ByinAnnouncements | January 30, 2016

ZTE Grand X3 to join Cricket Wireless list of offerings
On Friday Cricket Wireless announced the full featured ZTE Grand X3 to join their list of offerings. The phone debuts equipped with a 5-inch screen, quad-core processor and a pretty massive battery. Labeled with an extremely affordable price tag the phone comes as an offer for all those budget-conscious customers who demand more for their dollars.

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ZTE Avid Plus scheduled for T-Mobile and Metro PCS

ByinAnnouncements | January 8, 2016

ZTE announce at CES 2016 the arrival of Avid Plus in the US market
This year’s CES is a really busy time for Chinese mobile manufacturers. Since premium players like Apple and Samsung aren’t particularly interested in the event, less popular brands in the US got an occasion to steal the limelight and be noticed on the market. Yesterday, ZTE in partnership with T-Mobile announced to launch a special entry-level smartphone dedicated the Magenta network enthusiasts. Called ZTE Avid Plus, the handset is scheduled to become available via T-Mobile as soon as on January 20 and later on via Metro PCS.

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ZTE debuts a 6-inch Axon Max Phablet

ByinAnnouncements | December 20, 2015

Axon Max 6-inch Phablet
Introduced earlier this year to help ZTE mark its position in the high-end sector of mobile market, the Axon line has just received a new huge member. Offering a combination of premium look and budget-friendly price the Axon Max, as the name suggests, is definitely an option proper for all those of you who opt for a good looking device with a huge display at firm price. Sporting a 6-inch screen panel the phablet will be available anytime soon labeled with a sub-$500 price tag.

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ZTE launches the cheapest phone featuring fingerprint sensor priced under $100

ByinAnnouncements | December 5, 2015

Phone featuring fingerprint scanner
It wasn’t so long ago that a fingerprint scanner could be found only in a handful of the most high-end and consequently expensive phones. As a result, very few users could enjoy this option. Today basically all flagship devices are equipped with a fingerprint scanner and it’s slowly making its way to lower tiers of the market becoming available to a much wider audience. The cheapest phone featuring fingerprint sensor was just launched in China by ZTE and it’s priced under $100.

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5-inch ZTE Prestige makes its way to Boost Mobile priced under $100

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 10, 2015

Boost Mobile new offer
Many people believe that the price of a phone is what determines its quality. Of course, there is some truth in it, because the better the components, the more they cost. However, long gone are the times when a cheap phone equaled disappointing performance. More and more devices offer quite good experience at a budget-friendly price. One example is the 5-inch ZTE Prestige which just made its way to Boost Mobile with a very compelling price and decent set of specs.

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ZTE introduced a new variant of its Axon series – the ZTE Axon Elite smartphone packed with advanced biometric security tech

ByinAnnouncements | September 6, 2015

Axon Elite by ZTE
Targeting primary at the States market, the ZTE Axon line has just gotten another member. Taking advantage of IFA 2015 show the Chinese manufacturer has just introduced the ZTE Axon Elite that will soon hit global market. Being a real good looker the phone adds three new biometric security features to the already nicely-specced smartphone.

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ZTE Warp Elite with notable upgrades over Warp Sync is now on sale via Boost Mobile online store

ByinNew Phones | August 18, 2015

ZTE Warp Elite Boost Mobile | Cheap Phones
If you are in the market for a decent yet affordable smartphone and don’t want to get stuck with contract for two years, you might want to check out Boost Mobile offer. The carrier together with Chinese manufacturer ZTE announced the availability of the latest addition to the Warp series called Warp Elite which brings notable upgrades over the Warp Sync to the table. The phone is now on sale via Boost Mobile and can be had for just $179.99 off-contact.

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ZTE Obsidian 4G LTE Android phone for T-Mobile is now on sale priced under $100 via carrier’s store

ByinNew Phones | August 14, 2015

ZTE Obsidian 4G LTE Android Phone
High-end phones are cool to have but they come with one major problem – they are expensive. Moreover, they are packed to the fullest with sophisticated features many of us will never use, but still have to pay for. If you are looking for a more down-to-earth smartphone experience at a price that won’t make you cry, you may want to check out T-Mobile’s offer. The Magenta network has just added a new phone to its portfolio – it’s called ZTE Obsidian 4G LTE and is now on sale via carrier’s store.

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ZTE Axon Pro is now on sale in the US via various online retailers priced $450 SIM lock free

ByinPhones Without Contract | August 2, 2015

Axon Pro
Remember the ZTE Axon Pro? Introduced in July, the phone is now on sale in the States. Labeled with a price tag of $450 this high-end phone is available SIM lock free and without contract via various online retailers, including Amazon, Newegg and eBay. Its buyers may pick among three color options: silver, gold and blue. If you’re looking for a phone with killer specs and a respectable pricing, the ZTE’s newest flagship smartphone should be on your radar.

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ZTE unveils Axon Watch with sapphire coating and IP67 certification

ByinSmartwatches | July 22, 2015

Axon Watch
Last week ZTE, a China-based mobile manufacturer, started accepting pre-orders on the Axon phone, a high-end Android smartphone targeting at the States. Now, the Axon line is getting another member, the Axon Watch. Looking like a traditional watch the new wearable features sapphire coating and IP67 certification for safe water immersion.

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Boost Max+ by ZTE is now on sale via Boost Mobile online store priced $199 without contract

ByinNew Phones | July 18, 2015

Boost Max Plus by ZTE
If you want to get yourself a decent Android phablet without harming your holiday budget, Boost Mobile has just prepared an offer you may be interested in. Released this week by ZTE, the Boost Max+ smartphone features a massive 5.7-inch screen powered by a huge battery. Yesterday the handset hit Boost Mobile online store with an attractive low price of $199.99 without contract.

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ZTE unveils Blade D6 dedicated selfie lovers thanks to 88-degree wide-angle 5MP front camera

ByinAnnouncements | July 16, 2015

You might have already heard that a new ZTE phone called Axon is on its way to the stores in the US. The handset was unveiled yesterday but it appears that it’s not the only device that ZTE will be launching soon. Earlier today at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, the Chinese company officially announced another smartphone, this one going by the name ZTE Blade D6.

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ZTE Axon is coming to the US with super-quick focus camera, high-end video camcorder and Hi-Fi audio recorder

ByinPhones Without Contract | July 15, 2015

ZTE Axon Phone
Making another big step in conquering hearts of the North America customers, yesterday during the NYC press conference, ZTE introduced a new premium-class smartphone targeting at the States. Called the ZTE Axon the handset offers its future users cameras for super-quick focus, high-end video capture and Hi-Fi audio recording. Already available for pre-order this unlocked contract-free phone is scheduled to be shipped on July 27th.

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ZTE announces two new cheap Android phones: ZTE Maven for AT&T GoPhone and ZTE Sonata 2 for Cricket

ByinAnnouncements | June 26, 2015

Chinese manufacturer ZTE is the 4th manufacturer in the US, following in the footsteps of such big names as Apple, Samsung and LG. When it comes to phones destined for prepaid market, however, the company is doing even better occupying the third place. Speaking of prepaid phones, ZTE’s portfolio just got enriched with two new Android devices. Earlier today the company announced the ZTE Maven for AT&T GoPhone and ZTE Sonata 2 for Cricket.

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Classic, Elite and Exclusive ZTE Nubia Z9 are coming to America in Q3 2015

ByinAnnouncements | June 5, 2015

ZTE Nubia Z9
It’s official, one of the most desirable bezel-less high-end smartphones, the ZTE Nubia Z9, will soon hit the US shore. The phone has been announced to become available in the US market in the third quarter of 2015 with price starting from $564 for a SIM-lock free model without any long term contract. All potential buyers will be able to choose the device among three different variants: Classic, Elite and Exclusive.

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Cricket and ZTE launches Android smartphone that costs only $50 without contract, free after mail-in rebate

ByinFREE Phones | May 29, 2015

Cricket ZTE Overture2
High-end phones are cool but fancy features and cutting-edge technological solutions are pricy. If you are looking for an affordable phone with decent specs, you may want to check out the latest addition to Cricket’s portfolio. The carrier together with Chinese company ZTE launched an Android smartphone that costs only $50 without contract, and can be yours free after $50 mail-in rebate. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the ZTE Overture 2.

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ZTE Nubia Z9 goes official with no bezels and innovative frame that reacts to gesture control

ByinAnnouncements | May 7, 2015

Nubia Z9 DisplayPreceded by a great number of leaks and render images, the ZTE Nubia Z9 today made its first official appearance. Though there wasn’t much we didn’t know about the phone before its debut, the Nubia Z9 still somehow manages to surprise us with bezel less design and innovative frame that reacts to gesture control. Let’s take a closer look at the new ZTE’s flagship phone.

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ZTE Nubia Z9 render leaks unveiling a phablet with edge-to-edge display and premium design

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 14, 2015

Nubia LogoFor some time we can observe among mobile manufacturers a trend to equip their new smartphones in thin bezels. Year after year the flagship smartphones come with more and more reduced bezels, which surely looks great, but many users find it extremely unhandy. Today, the new ZTE Nubia Z9 surfaced online on render pics presenting an ultra slim bezels and premium design which are the hallmark of the company’s Nubia series. Perhaps, the lineup isn’t very popular outside its home market of China, but its modern design combined with great hardware parameters makes the phone worth your attention.

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