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New Moto X 2014 goes official, coming this month to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

| Announcements | September 5, 2014

The new Moto XWhile previous days of pre-IFA show belonged to Samsung and Sony, today is the big unveiling day for Motorola that takes the headlines by storm with announcement of the new flagship Moto X. Yes, there is no mistake, the second generation of Moto X has the same name as its predecessor, not the Moto X+1 nor the Moto X2, as we speculated earlier. It goes official and almost immediately hits shelves of retailers. The new Moto X 2014 can soon be yours for $99 on contract or $499 without it.

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Motorola launches Moto X ‘Try Before Buy’ offer and adds Moto X 64GB version

| Sales & Special Offers | June 8, 2014

Moto X Try Then BuyWhen smartphone makers want to push their new device, they focus on its strongest points. That’s why press releases are full of big words like quad-core, resolution, aperture, pixel density, GPU, etc. While experts thrive on such terms, for an average not-so-well-oriented user they are little more than sophisticated gibberish that says nothing about actual performance of the phone. In other words, you don’t know what to expect of the handset. Motorola’s “Try Before Buy” offer might be a solution to the problem. The company also added a 64GB version of the Moto X to its roster.

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Motorola 48-hour Summer Sale: Get $100 discount on the 32GB Moto X Phone

| Phones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | June 4, 2014

Motorola 48-hour Summer Sale
Motorola is now offering $100 discount on the 32GB version of the Moto X Phone compatible with any carrier of your choice: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and unlocked for T-Mobile. That brings the price down to $349 for the handset without contract. The sale will be held until tomorrow, June 5th. The “48-hour sale” will also save you $100 on the Developer Edition phone.

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One Day Deal: Motorola Moto X on sale for just $299 without contract

| Announcements | April 30, 2014

Moto X Sale May 1stEven though it’s nearing its first birthday, the Moto X is still one of the popuplar devices on the market. It’s also one of the most often discounted which makes it even more attractive. Missed previous deals and discounts on the Motorola Moto X? Don’t worry. Tomorrow you will another chance to grab the phone at a lower price as Motorola is having a special promotion for Mother’s Day. The company will be offering the Moto X without contract for just $299.99 for the 16GB model, which is $50 down from the regular price of $349.99.

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Republic Wireless now selling 32GB Moto X and offers Moto Maker support

| Announcements | April 1, 2014

Moto X Republic WirelessIn November 2013, Republic Wireless added the Moto X phone to its portfolio of Android smartphones. The model in stock was limited to standard, non customizable version, and 16GB memory option, which could be quite a bit of problem since the handset does not feature expandable memory card support. After six months it is about the time that the carrier should refresh its offer and it seems that today is the day. Republic Wireless just announced that they are now selling Motorola Moto X with 32GB memory and in addition to that it began offering the Moto Maker support.

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Motorola announces Moto X College Collection and launches special $60 discount for students

| Sales & Special Offers | March 7, 2014

Moto X Boston CollegeIf there weren’t enough options to customize your phone through the Moto Maker website, Motorola has announced College Collection which allows you to match colors with US most popular colleges and universities. The new collection adds nine back colors and three new accent colors to the existing palette accounting for a total of 43 hues to choose from. Moreover, Motorola is also offering clear Uncommon cases with school logos printed on them allowing students to custom design their Moto X.

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Moto X for Verizon on sale for just one penny via Moto Maker

| FREE Phones | February 19, 2014

Moto X for One CentIf someone would decided to give a reward for the most discounted smartphone in history, Motorola with its Moto X would win the competition hands down. Since the phone was released in August last year, it was on sale so many times that we have lost count. Great deals on the phone were offered not only by the manufacturer itself, but also carriers and retailers. In fact, it seems that recently there is a never-ending promotion on the Moto X going on, since a new deal pops up as soon as the previous expires. At times, there are even two promotions available simultaneously. For example now, along with $70 discount on Moto X without a contract, now you can grab the Moto X for Verizon for just one penny via Moto Maker, which is almost free.

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Now you to grab unlocked Moto X with $70 discount through February 22nd

| Phones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | February 17, 2014

Moto X Sweet DealRemember that cool promotion we mentioned about at the end of the last month that allowed you to grab the unlocked Moto X with $70 discount? It supposed to be a Valentine’s gift from Motorola and lasts until February 14th. However, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but the deal is still live. In fact, as it was announced by company via Twitter that it will remain live until February 22nd, which means that until that day you will be able to buy the 16 GB model of the Moto X for a very attractive $329 without signing any contract.

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Moto X Sale: Get $100 off its regular price tomorrow or $70 through Valentine’s Day

| Sales & Special Offers | January 26, 2014

Moto XMissed the previous chances to grab the Moto X at a price lower than usual and worried that the opportunity might be gone forever? We can assure you that it is not. It looks like Motorola is really determined to get its awesome flagship phone to as many customers as possible and announced another two great deals. The first one will let you have the off-contract Moto X for $100 off its regular price, while the second will knock $70 off the regular price.

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Friends with Motorola gets Moto X Phone for $349 and Moto G for $149

| Phones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | January 25, 2014

Moto XThere already have been a dozen or so promotions on the Moto X Phone, and a tad fewer on the Moto G. If you, however, still didn’t get around to buy one of the phones you have another chance at score a discount. Motorola just announced a Friends with Moto program which allows you to grab the flagship Moto X smartphone with a $50 discount and the Moto G 16 GB phone with a $40 rebate. The 8 GB version of the Moto G comes with $30 discount.

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New Moto X wooden backs at cheaper price coming to Moto Maker store this Tuesday

| Announcements | January 18, 2014

Moto X Natural PlatesMotorola promised wooden backs for its Moto X flagship phone a while ago. The first of the set, Bamboo, finally made it to the Moto Maker website last month. And what an entrance it was with that hefty $100 price tag. Soon you will have more options to choose from, as the rest of the collection is about to be ready for sale. Motorola announced that Walnut, Teak and Ebony cases will be available starting on January 21st, which is this Tuesday.

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AT&T Free Phones Sale with New Contracts: LG G2, Moto X and HTC One

| FREE Phones, Sales & Special Offers | January 17, 2014

AT&T Free Phone SaleAT&T thought that mid-January is a great time to start offering a deal on three of the best Android smartphones currently available on the market, the Moto X, LG G2 and HTC One. The promotion will let you have either of the phones for free, which, given the phones’ regular prices, means $99.99 in savings. Of course, it does not mean that you can walk into AT&T store, ask for the smartphone and just walk out enjoying your new phone. There are a few details you should know before you decide that the deal is perfect for you.

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Motorola offers discounted Moto X phone with free Chromecast

| Sales & Special Offers | January 11, 2014

Moto XWe have seen quite a few deals on the Moto X recently. Some of them lasted only for a limited period of time, while others are permanent. For instance, last week Motorola dropped the price of the Moto X down by $100 offering now the phone for $399.99 for the 16 GB and $449.99 for the 32 GB model. This is not a limited-time offer, meaning that the new prices are here to stay. A few days later a new deal pops up…

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Motorola lowered price on 16GB Moto X without contract to $399 and 32GB version to $449

| Phones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | January 3, 2014

Moto X Sale 2014Even though the Moto X has been on the market since August, the demand for the phone at discounted price is still strong for on-contract as well as unlocked versions. The best proof of that was Cyber Monday promotion when interest in the Moto X exceeded the capabilities of the Moto Maker website. As a result, the site suffered a major crash and the promotion had to be rescheduled in December.

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Customizable version of the Moto X for Verizon is on sale at just $49.99 on contract

| Sales & Special Offers | December 21, 2013

Verizon Moto XThe Moto X is a unique phone in many ways. For one, the specs are great, but there is much more to the device than just powerful processor or sharp screen. The Moto X can reflect your personality in a way that other phones can’t. The color of the back plate, or your very own wallpaper are just a few examples of how you can customize your Moto X. Of course, being an outstanding device, the Moto X hit the stores priced accordingly. If the initial price was a tad too high for you, you will be happy to learn about Verizon’s recent promotion.

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Moto X Promo is Back: Contract free phone on sale at $350, Moto X on contract starting as low as $30

| Sales & Special Offers | December 20, 2013

Moto X SaleCyber Monday with its awesome deals is long gone leaving many folks brooding about the promotions they didn’t manage to take advantage of. Next Cyber Monday is almost a year away, however, one of the best promotions is back in exactly the same form as previously. Yes, it is the Moto X deal we are referring to. It means that you can grab the unlocked version of the phone for $150 off its full retail price or 50% off in case of on-contract device. The deal puts the price of the Moto X at $49.99 for Sprint or AT&T models and $29.99 for Verizon version.

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Motorola began offering Moto X with Bamboo wooden backplates

| Announcements | December 18, 2013

Moto X Wooden Back CoverMotorola’s Moto Maker site was a huge step towards allowing customers to make their phones as personal as possible. However, the company thought that offering back panels in a multitude of colors wasn’t enough. After all, there are other manufacturers that sell their phones in a variety of colors. Motorola then had an idea how to make your phone even more original and announced wooden back plates for the Moto X.

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Motorola Holiday Sale: Two more days of the hottest offer on Moto X

| Sales & Special Offers | December 3, 2013

Moto X Holiday SaleMotorola’s Cyber Monday deal on the Moto X was undoubtedly one of the hottest offers that day. At least until it became impossible to execute. The $150 discount on the contract free customizable version of the Moto X proved increased the demand for the phone to a much higher level than Motorola anticipated. After all, it is not every day that you can get a device of Moto X’s class for $349.99 and free of any carrier obligations. Sadly, technology, or rather its limitations, won this time.

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Cyber Monday Deals: Heavy discounts on Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and Moto X

| Sales & Special Offers | December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Kindle Fire HDXThere is no doubt that Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year. However, as ‘hard’ as it is to believe, there are some people who don’s find any pleasure in squeezing through crowds and waiting long hours in huge lines at stores, even if it means getting the smartphone of your dreams at incredibly low price. With those customers in mind, Cyber Monday was invented. The idea is similar to Black Friday, the main difference being that you can take advantage of the deals mostly online.

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Motorola Cyber Monday Sale: Moto X Phone $150 off regular price, starting at $349 without contract

| Phones Without Contract, Sales & Special Offers | November 28, 2013

Moto XBlack Friday is undoubtedly the happiest day of the year for most retailers, thanks to huge crowds of customers visiting stores. Speaking of crowds, this is obviously a downside of this otherwise cheerful day. Fret not, though. Even if you miss out on Black Friday sales because all this pushing, long lines and impatient folks breathing down your neck, another big even is just around the corner. December 2nd is Cyber Monday – the happiest day for those customers who prefer to shop online sitting comfortably on their couches.

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