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350 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Wanda Fillner on April 18, 2014 @ 3:19 pm

    We recently purchased a phone through your website along with an extended warranty plan. We bought the Galaxy Epic D700. Can you tell me how to get in touch with this extended warranty plan company. I need to contact them.

    Thank you!
    Tom and Wanda Fillner

  2. kenny pryor on April 18, 2014 @ 11:50 am

    my vision is impaired, so I need a phone for straight talk carrier with a nice keyboard query I can see etc.that is unlocked, + any ideas U might have that would help me.



    • Kenny, here is a link to Straight Talk phones. On the right margin you will ‘Refine Results’ bar. Check box with QWERTY keyboard feature to pull out all the Straight Talk phones featuring full QWERTY keyboard. You may after that compare selected models and pick the best one that will suite your needs the best.

  3. Kerry cross on April 16, 2014 @ 8:49 pm

    My wife are looking for a pair of iPhone 4s phones in black. Would you have this in stock for a reasonable price?


  4. please call me 727 210 2107
    metro pcs

  5. Jean/Bueford Fletcher on April 15, 2014 @ 11:10 am

    We just received a Pan Tec phone, order # 100009108, a replacement for another phone we had ordered. I took it to the Verizon store to have it activated, and it will not connect with Verizon. I would like to get a shipping label to return it for a refund. Since the first one was not the one I ordered, and the second is defective, I am afraid to trust another one. We will just use our old phone.

    Thank you,

    Bueford/Jean Fletcher

  6. I am looking for ~10 Blackberry phones (not Z10 or Q10) to be used with AT&T. The 9300 series would be just fine.

  7. I am looking for a supplier who can supply me with large quantity of used and new smart cellphone locked to verizon

    Anaam, Sanaa Yemen

  8. how do I buy a phone from your site?



  10. I would like to know if these phones are all unlocked and can they be falshed to the sevice provider PagePlus ? please contact me as soon as possible.

  11. Where can i find your shop? Do you have any near Virginia?

  12. cherif Diallo on April 1, 2014 @ 2:12 pm

    I would like to buy and resell phones can I send you money orders? can speak with a representative?

    • Cherif, you will need to directly contact sellers offering products via Cheap Phones to confirm if they accept money orders. You know, each seller has different rules and policies regarding payments.

  13. do you have a limited to purchase No. of the phone. and do we need to sign up with the carrier? and is there any warranted for these phone?

    • Sam, to answer your first two questions I will need to know what phone or deal are you referring to? Beyond that, all phones are sold with store return policy and buyer protection program.

  14. Muhammad Taqi on March 24, 2014 @ 2:46 am

    Order #6889 (Life Proof Case) was cancelled on 02/22/2014. Item was returned to your company. Please refund back $40.94 at your earliest.

    Muhammad Taqi

  15. What kind of Sim card does the Casio commando c811 take? It did not come with the phone

    • Shaw, Casio Commando C811 is a dual-band smartphone, which supports CDMA network (for Verizon service, and do not require SIM card for service) and GSM for global service (if you planning to go abroad – here the SIM card will be required). Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  16. i am trrying to find out if you provide service in my area 54114 and if these phones work anywhere in wis or are there limted areas that get reception

    • Tom, to check the service you will need to contact your carrier coverage map. What service provider do you use?

    • It is a Verizon phone. They don’t have Sim cards. It its acdma phone. That’s why I’m confused

  17. Micheal Wanga on March 15, 2014 @ 12:32 pm

    how can i access your shops in Kenya

  18. I want to buy the nokia lumia 521 windows phone for metro pcs. How you go about ordering it off the metro pcswebsite.

  19. DEGREE NWANGWA on March 11, 2014 @ 2:09 pm

    I am interested in buying large quantity of black berry bold 9900,9930,9800,9810 and 9850.
    my number is 9092270667

  20. My wife has an old blackberry curve with an AT&T service. Do you have a slider phone she can add her sims card to and continue her plan?

  21. If I purchase a refurbished iphone saying it is from AT&T, Verizon, etc… Does this mean I can not use the iphone with another carrier?

  22. hey Jason i have a store and I’m looking for someone that can sell me wholesale phones in bulk. someone that can supply my store with phones, can you?

    • Shawn, you can contact directly merchants selling inventory via Cheap Phones if they do wholesale. Cheap Phones provides information regarding phones and deals, but does not ship any items.

  23. How can I tell if the phone has been stolen?can you give me the serial # Is there anyway I can call to ask more questions about the particular phone I am interested in——which is the New Samsung Galaxy S111 Sprint android 4.8″HD phone .Samsung phones for Sprint for $225.00 thank-you , Ellen

    • Ellen, all phones come fully functional and ready for activation. Each purchase is covered by buyer protection program. If you want to learn more about a specific handset on sale, we recommend to go item page, click on ‘Buy it now’ green button, and you will be redirected to seller page where you can find live pictures of the phone, ESN number and what accessories the phone comes with.

  24. Please contact me about getting a quote from you company so we can possibly purchase phones and tablets (50 each) in bulk. Thank you

  25. if I buy a Verizon phone can I take it to Verizon or call to switch my number to it

    • Yes, you can. Once device arrives, you can activate the phone over the phone or by stepping by to a local Verizon store.

  26. Is a Contract/Agreement required with these phones?

  27. tanesha porter on February 24, 2014 @ 11:07 pm

    I ordered a phone and my payment was accepted but I have no info on the product…. I don’t know when it will arrive nor an order number….the address is Tanesha Porter. 1043 east view street Jackson Ms 39203……please email me as soon as you can find my order and have info

  28. want to know options for payment

  29. How long does it take to ship and do you guys have a contact phone #

    • Standard shipping usually takes 4-6 business days, we don’t provide support over the phone. Feel free to contact as by replying to this message. We respond in timely manner.

      • I am contacting you on behalf of some older friends of mine. They recently purchased their first smartphone from this website. It was a Motorola Atrix. They are on a Straight Talk plan but the phone was sold as being”unlocked” . The phones calling and messaging works fine but can’t seem to get their Internet or data to work. They were told to purchase a “bring your own phone” sim card so they did and the representatives still have not been able to help them to get their Internet to work. I believe this has something to do with getting the right access point or APN

        • Alex, that’s right. In order for your phone to work properly with data services, such as: email, internet or picture messaging, you must update the data settings APN also called the Access Point Name which can be found on the Red Activation Card or Straight Talk website.

          • Ok Thank you for the quick response. So just get on the straight talk website and locate APN info? And does the phone being locked/unlocked play a role?

          • In this case not really, since Motorola Atrix was released on AT&T network. Straight Talk SIM cards are compatible either with unlocked phones and locked to AT&T service.

  30. If I purchase an I phone 4 can I get it turned on at verizon

  31. Chocolate Drop on February 23, 2014 @ 5:31 pm

    I would like to know if ur phones come with warranties and protection plans! I’m looking to purchase one of ur samsung galaxy notes!

  32. if i buy a phone from here, do i need to buy a straight talk sim card to?

  33. I will be interested to buy android Blu unlocked mobile phone.
    Could you please let me know if in the setting menu the French language is available ?
    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Robert, thank you for reporting this. Looks like eBay got deal on Galaxy Note 3 for $19.99 but as of now the listing has been removed by the seller. We don’t know the reason why as eBay did not notify us, but the price, as you may noticed, was too good to be true. We suspect that someone listed a phone on contract instead off contract. We are about to remove the deals. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

  35. Monica Mamon on February 19, 2014 @ 8:23 am

    How do u personal a phones on here.

  36. I am searching for a Samsung Galaxy I believe the S3, which is about a 4″ screen and I saw some on here, but I’m a bit confused for the ones that are for Straight Talk Services ONLY!!!! Can you please show me the ones that are for Straight Talk Service Plans before I buy a phone. Thank You. If you can email me the link that goes directly to the phone, that would be a blessing.

  37. i want to buy a IPhone, will it work with Verizon prepaid? whats better for phones comparable with Iphoine

  38. Tiffany Morgan-King on February 2, 2014 @ 11:02 pm

    How will I know that the phone I am getting is in a usable condition? I have seen more than three different prices for the phone I want.

    • All phones sold via Cheap Phones come in excellent functional condition. The different prices may vary due to different physical condition of the model you are looking for and different sellers.

  39. Daniel Jimenez on January 25, 2014 @ 11:26 am

    Hey, do you sell used screens for galaxy s4 mini? I need the entire thing, I mean the touch screen.

  40. I was told my phone would be here on Monday January 20 it has yet to be delivered can y’all let me know

  41. Hi i was lookin at ur website cheap cell phones. And i was interested in the samsung galaxy note 2. I see some of the phone is listed as samsung note 2 and some are listed as samsung note 4g or note 1700. Is it still the same phone even though it dont say note 2?

  42. Angie Woodis on January 19, 2014 @ 8:39 pm

    I am interested in purchasing a Samsung Galaxy II — i am seeing several different model #’s . What are the differences, and any i should avoid? I have converted to Straight Talk plan, and my Blackberry Torch doesn’t work properly on Straight Talk. I have been told I should get an ATT phone. Why would ]I need to do that if I am no longer under contract with ATT?

    • The Galaxy S II was released on all major US carriers with different model numbers, this is why you see different versions of the phone. Straight Talk recommends purchasing AT&T, T-Mobile and Unlocked phones because these are the only models the carrier is compatible with. Straight Talk is not compatible with CDMA phones such as Verizon or Sprint. For your convenience, here is a link to comparison page with Galaxy S II models compatible with Straight Talk.

  43. Dwayne Middleton on January 15, 2014 @ 5:07 pm

    I wanted to know if you had this phone in stock:

    I also wanted to know what comes with it, like the recharger or anything of that nature. Thanks in advance.

  44. Im wanting a iphone for my straight talk account .so all the phones are unlocked are able to be used on there account?.. I currently have a smart phone that I use but its not letting me get pictures or cant get on my internet . but phone and text work.. there is a mms issue.thanks

  45. Kelly Alipour on January 14, 2014 @ 2:31 pm

    I need to buy an Apple 4 16 GB phone. I don’t need any kind of contract or specific carrier. What is the cheapest best deal you have? There was a black on for 81.57. Is there anything cheaper but just as good.
    Please advice soon, this is a birthday present.

    Kelly Alipour

    • Kelly, here is a link to all deals on iPhone 4, today prices starting as low as $74.88.

      • Kelly Alipour on January 22, 2014 @ 12:31 pm


        Yes, I know that page, that is where I saw the iPhones. All of them say they are for Sprint or Verizon. I am taking this phone as a gift to Nigeria. Will my friend be able to use it in another country even though it specifies for a certain carrier?

        Let me clarify, we will not be activating service here in this country, but he will activate it and pay for it in his country. Will these phones work and can they be activated in any country even though it says for Verizon or Sprint, etc. Thanks


  46. I would like to by phone for deliver,i phone 4s or 5s around 200,00

  47. I want to purchase an iphone 4s because I want Siri included.

    I would like an unlocked phone so that I am not locked into a certain carrier and can change to a different one if needed in the future but would like to get Straight Talk at this time because it is a great deal.

    I have been doing my research on GSM, CDMA, locked and unlocked phones. I understand more but still left dazed and confused on what phone is going to work with what I want because things are ever changing and expanding in service.

    I guess what I’m really saying is that if I’m going to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone, I want to be able to be flexible with it and not have one carrier own me.

    Please help me make the best decision

    • Allison, having unlocked GSM phone will allow you to use it with any GSM carrier of your choice. The phone comes also off contract, which means that you don’t need to sign up any long term contracts in order to use the phone. Here is a link to deals on unlocked iPhones 4S for your convenience. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  48. Can your unlocked iPhones work with Straight Talk??

  49. I would like to buy a phone from you and have it delivered.Can you please,please give me a contact number. My number is: 07817432664.
    Kindest regards,

  50. what payments way u accept?

  51. Christopher Xhaute on December 22, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

    I would like to order a phone from you What are the steps to follow.

  52. Hi, I want to know if I can get this Samsung Galaxy S3 for my PagePlus account or do I still need to flash this phone.?

  53. Can you direct me to a phone that has touch screen, works with Verizon, but is not a smart phone? I want to add a few non-smart phones to our account and get rid of the data plans.


  54. Could you please help me with giving me correct information in regards to your plans–do you have specific plans for Seniors? and what would that be?

  55. HORACE WASHINGTON on December 17, 2013 @ 6:01 am

    Even though this Samsung Galaxy Note II Used Phone for Verizon & Page Plus is a non contract phone, can I use it on my contract with Verizon? I need it as a replacement phone.

    • Yes, you can. The phone comes without contract, which means that can be used as a replacement phone without any additional obligations. Once the device arrive just contact Verizon customer service and swap ESN# on your account.

  56. How can I send a mail for you? I’ve got an offer

  57. 1. What is your return policy?
    2. How can I talk to a representative in person?

  58. Would I purchase the phone directly from What is the return and warranty?


  59. Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II i777 Unlocked Android Smartphone, Used Phone (Black) on sale today for $149.95 at Cheap Phones, compatable for use with the carrier Selectel Wireless that contracts with Verizon?

  60. i ordered a phone from here an i didnt send me a email about the tracking info i didnt recive my phone an i dont know how to get ahold of the supplier
    i used a prepaied card so i cant track it wtf

    • Jedaiah, very often happens that an email with purchase confirmation ends up in junk / spam folders. Firstly, we recommend checking out over there. If you didn’t find anything, you may contact directly the seller who did you buy phone from and ask about the status of your purchase. Finally, you may call the pre-paid card company to verify if the purchase had place and your card was actually charged. Please let us know what did you establish.

  61. how much is the Samsung galaxy note 2 ?

  62. I am looking to buy dozens of iPhone 4s Verizon phones in good working order per month.

    Please call Greg at 602-377-3456.

  63. i want buy and resale these phones, so do they come withe boxes. also if i want to buy a lot will i get discount? bls reply. thank u

    • At Cheap Phones you can find new, used and refurbished phones. Some of them come in original boxes, and some in bulk packaging.

  64. Zuhair Abdul Aziz on November 26, 2013 @ 3:46 pm

    I want buy phones for my shop in India,Is there any courier facility to my country. Please let me know.

    • Most of the sellers offering phones via Cheap Phones ships internationally. Therefore, yes there is. Check out the deals on phones, contact the seller and ask for international shipping rate. That’s all you need to do.

  65. Hi..I want know if you also ship phones to Toronto,Canada.
    I really want to order some phones but as I saw you ship only to us right?

    • Omid, most of the sellers offering phones via Cheap Phones ships to Canada. Check out the deals on phones, contact the seller and ask for international shipping rate.

  66. i was just wandering if there is still a device that’s only for texting
    not a phone just text & picture mail

  67. We’re looking to purchase 50 LG Optimus phones for use on the Sprint network only. Do you have that type of stock available?

  68. chirambo kennedy on November 7, 2013 @ 12:05 pm

    I need a second cheap iPhone

  69. Sarthak Kapadiya on November 7, 2013 @ 12:04 pm

    hey is iphone 5c available?and can you mail me all the details about you payment method..

  70. My daughter lost her sprint i phone. she is currently on a contract. Do you have any refurbished i phones that I can purchase?

  71. I want to know if the phones you sale,have any kind of warranty that comes with them.Thanks a lot.

  72. Juan Carlos Estevez on October 28, 2013 @ 11:39 am

    Hi, I want to know if you make a discount if I buy a masive purche. I want to resale in my contry and I looking for low prices.

    Can you contact me in this e-mail or direct to my phone the code area is 502 and the number is 5466-1134.


  73. Is the phone reals

  74. If I buy an LG cell phone that says it works with Verizon, what is the procedure for activating with a suspended Verizon number. (We lost the phone). Thanks.

    • Sherri, once your new phone arrives just call Verizon customer service and swap ESN# on your account. The ESN can be located inside the phone, under the battery.

  75. Please i will like to speak to an agent direct on the phone to ask some questions, i want to be buy from your store, can it be shipped to Nigeria without any issue, if i am buying in bulk to resell, will there be any reduction for me, how do i make payments from here.

    • Micosef, many sellers offering phones via Cheap Phones offer international shipping. You will need to contact them directly for details, prices and payment forms.

  76. prashant kaushik on October 18, 2013 @ 3:52 pm

    Sir I want to purchase a mobile oppo n1 in India.pls help me I love this mobile.

    • The Oppo N1 is indeed an incredible device, however, at this point the phone is now available for pre-order in China. Once the handset will go internationally, definitely we will now about it and share with you. Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

  77. I am looking for 100 New or refurbished Samsung Haven U-320 CDMA Cell phones. Please send me a message or call me at 949-836-4412. If you don’t have the Haven, I am interested in any CDMA Flip phone that does not have a camera.

  78. Are your iPhone in very good conduction

    • Lena, all phones at Cheap Phones are sold in new, used or refurbished condition. Which exactly iPhone are you referring to? Attaching link would be helpful here, or simply submit a question directly from the product page.

  79. I have a droid strait talk phone and it doesn’t work in south Georgia because it runs off of sprint towers in Arkansas. I need a straight talk phone that will work on verizion towers in Georgia so I can keep my straight talk service. My droid was only used for about three weeks. It is in perfect condition. I would like to trade it in on another droid that will work in south Georgia with my straight talk service. I can be reached at, 479-847- 4140 or at 912-389-1575. My old phone at the 479 number sometimes doesn’t work sometimes because of going through a house fire. I am desperate for a new phone without paying hundreds of dollars for it. Thanks.

  80. Good afternoon,
    I am interested in your refurbished iPhone 3GS unlocked. The upc/GTIN: 885909256662 and the manufacturer #MB715LL/A. I would like to know if the phone was infact refurbished by the original manufacturer? What condition is the phone in? Do, if any, accessories come with this phone if so which? Also are they original accessories? I would like to purchase this phone today as I am highly interested in this phone I hope to hear back soon so I may be able to make this purchase from you.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Melissa, for specific details regarding condition and accessories you will need to contact directly the seller offering the phone via Cheap Phones platform. Hit the ‘Buy it now’ button located on iPhone 3GS page to be redirected to the seller page.

  81. Joe Stanisic on September 6, 2013 @ 6:33 pm

    Hi! I need a Samsung Gal. S2 at an attractive price. Call me at 925-944-5039 to discuss. Thanks. Joe Stanisic.

  82. Just need a phone # to talk to a real person


  84. Is it smarter to buy a used I phone or a refurbished one, what is the smartest route to go. And how good are the 3g I phones?

  85. jesse kline on August 28, 2013 @ 6:15 pm

    I would like to purchase a I phone for myself on the straight talk network will I need a new sim and do you sell them

  86. My Spectrum LG from Verizon broke and I wanted to get your LG Ally (VS740) to replace it. Would I be able to make this replacement using my sim card from my Spectrum?

    • Tony, Verizon phones do not support SIM cards. All Verizon phones get activated by providing ESN# which is located under the battery of the handset. Here you can learn more about CDMA vs. GSM phones. In short, to answer your question, yes you can replace LG Spectrum with LG Ally.

  87. Thomas Mcfadden on August 26, 2013 @ 12:31 pm

    Please call me at 704-242-4082 regarding purchasing a phone for Straight Talk.

  88. Hi do you guys sell US cellular cheap refurbished phones if do please call me at 6303661557

  89. How good are the refurbished phones?

  90. I purchased an “unlocked” Motorola Droid 3,and after paying the $100 as well as $49 for the StraightTalk service, I have an error screen that is asking for a SIM Network Unlock PIN. After looking up what this meant I came to find that it means the phone is still locked to Verizon. If you could please help me out I would be ever so greatful.

    • Austyn, go to the settings of the phone and change CDMA network (Verizon) to GSM. In this way the phone will operate on GSM frequencies and got Straight Talk service.

      • Jason,
        I have also tried that. The only problem is that when I DON’T have the SIM card in, it says error:must have valid SIM card. When I turn the phone off, put the SIM card in, and turn it back on, it asks for that Network PIN and will only let me make emergency calls and do nothing else (such as change said setting.) I have also tried to put the SIM card in the phone and leave it on as I change the setting, but it tells me it does not detect a SIM card and I don’t know how to make it search for one while the phone is still on.

        • Austyn, what SIM card do you put into the phone?

          • I am trying to put a StraightTalk Sim Card into the phone. I bought the phone under the “Straight Talk” section of your website.

          • It seems that the issue you experience is related to your SIM card. Do you have the PIN number provided from the carrier? According to Straight Talk website: “To Activate your service, you will need a Service PIN. You may purchase a Service PIN with a Debit card or Credit card.”

            What I suggest to do:
            1. Set up the phone service from CDMA to GSM. This way you will have an Unlocked GSM Phone in your hands.
            2. Obtain Service PIN from Straight Talk.
            3. Insert SIM card into the phone and provide required PIN.

            More info about SIM cards you can find here at Straight Talk website. Make sure you pick the SIM for unlocked GSM phone for further instructions.

  91. I want to buy sony xperia ion and u are offering 269$ for this phone whereas amazon is charging 229$. will you be able to do a price match??

  92. Henrisson Saint Louis on August 15, 2013 @ 7:08 pm

    please contact me I’m thinking of buying a large amount of phone from this site but I must have chat with a seller to make sure I’m getting the best deals.


  93. Robert Dixon on August 8, 2013 @ 11:34 am

    Looking at a samsung galaxy s111 16gb andriod phone for version and page plus. It says no contact phone was asking to see if this would work thru straight talk service. i have no computer at a friends house. If you could send me a text to 912-286-4533.. thanks. Had a email

  94. hi i bought a phone a week ago and i dropped it on my carpet and it shattered can i get a new one if i traded it in to you guys

  95. Hello, i live in nigeria and i want start shopping from you site. But my problems are 1. Do i pay in dollar or pound . 2. How long will it take to ship the product i bought to nigeria? 3. How much do you charge for your shipping to nigeria. 4. Do you make use of D.H.L?

  96. I would like to buy refurbished phones but I have some questions as far as the quality and how long would it take for the shipment and how to contact you

  97. i need u to email me a copy of the receipt of my touch 4 g htc slide phone that i purchase on 8/20/2011

    • Harvey, for receipts you will need to contact the retailer you bought the phone from or check your email.

  98. I need to speak with a person before purchasing a phone. Could you give me email me your phone number

  99. im looking to buy 20 and more phone for page plus,att,boost

  100. Ali Suleiman on June 18, 2013 @ 4:50 pm

    Do you have a Wholesale program? If so please email me an application or a list of your phones and pricing

    • Ali, you will need to contact our partners who promote their products via our portal about wholesale opportunities.

  101. Trent Touchstone on May 26, 2013 @ 10:09 am

    I currently have a phone without data service through Verizon. It has broken and i am looking at getting HTC Thunderbolt phone. Do I just contact Verizon and tell them I have a new phone so they can transfer service to that phone? Also, would I now have to pay for a data package from Verizon with the HTC?

    • Trent, you will need to call them to activate the phone. Once you provide the ESN# they will notice that you attempt to activate an Android smartphone and add data package to your account. The bottom line is that you cannot activate a smartphone on Verizon without data plan.

  102. I am shopping for a smartphone or an android that will work on straight talk wireless he in 31532 zip code. I don’t wanna purchase a phone and then not work and not be able to use it.

  103. Do u all buy phones and if i got a phone from here how long will it take to get to Oklahoma

  104. Philippe Yaconelli on May 24, 2013 @ 12:55 pm


    I would like to purchase a Samsung refurbished or Used Galaxy unlocked S 2
    I presently use a Samsung Note 2 on T-Mobile and wanted to get this item for a son (out of state – I live in California).
    I was going to add him to my T Mobile Account and transfer his phone number over to the S-2.
    I see an S-2 offered fo $142 and would like one in that approximate price range.
    When you answer by email – please also email me at – as I get a huge number of
    spam emails on the pyaconelli address.

    I will order as soon as I am told how to do so.
    Philippe Yaconelli

  105. hi. i need an unlocked cell phone WITH OUT ANY WEB BROWSER. any ideas? thank you.

  106. Javier Peralta on May 21, 2013 @ 11:27 am

    Hi, my name is Javier and I am looking for a cell phone supplier. I need unlocked used cell phones. We are starting new business project, this is an outlet cell phone place, with the best craziest prices. I am from Guatemala and here we have a population of 14 million people and there are 17 million active cell phones and every day it grows.

    We know that with cheap prices we can get a lot of people, so we are looking for a company that can give us great prices and good quality cell phones.

    PLease contact me if you think we can do business

    Best regards,
    Javier Peralta

    • Javier, if you looking for phones at decent prices, we have some good news for you. You are in the right place. Each day we provide new deals with lowest prices on cell phones available on market. About purchasing in bulk, you may contact directly our sellers who promote its business and products through our portal. Here is a link how to buy a deal at Cheap Phones.

  107. Am Interested in buying bulk blackberry and ship it to Africa , mostly Used and unlocked one and i will like to know if you have shipping company that can help me ship to Nigeria and moreso is the price still negotiable,

    • Femi, most of our associates sell intentionally and in bulk offering extra discount. You will need to contact them directly for details.


  109. Hello,

    I am interested to order online an iPhone 4S.
    Please let me know on how to do about this.

    I am based in California and appreciate if you can provide your contact number for me to call.

    Thank you and awaiting your reply soonest time possible, this is a little bit an urgent order for a gift.


  110. i have an unlocked verizon curve 9370 with t-mobile works fine as a phone but no one has been able to connect it to the two different t-mobile shops..they say it wont register or is not recognized by the internet???when i originally took the phone to tm,they put in a sim card,hit a few buttons and told me their service would work fully with this phone??calls to blackberry have been basically useless..several friends of mine have the same unlocked phone that work fine with tm. so i am realy stumped. can you tell me what i need to do to get my phone to work..or where i can get a curve 9370 that will work with t-mobile..thanks for your efforts.

    • Well, you just need to contact T-Mobile or search on Google for settings that enable you to use the phone with data services, such MMS or internet. That’s all.

  111. hey i wanted to know if the alltel blackberrys would work for prepaid or just contract?

    • Hi Jessie, not all Blackberries will work on pre-paid. Do you have any specific pre-paid service provider in mind?

      • alltel prepaid wireless. will it work?

        • In this case, only Blackberries released for Alltel prepaid service will work with your service provider. Other Blackberries released on different networks or unlocked won’t be compatible this carrier.

  112. I am looking for a smartphone that I can use a straight talk phone card for. I like the samsung galaxy s2 or 3. Can you help me find one on your website? Is the s2 or 3 a verizon carrier?

  113. Hello I was interested in purchasing the Samsung Intercept and i have a few questions.
    1.) I currently have a MetroPCS phone and my number belongs to the company, so if i purchase this phone will i actually be able to use it or get my number changed to the phone.
    2.) Is the phone unlocked
    3.) what is included with the purchase of the phone or is it the phone itself
    please get back to me as soon as possible

    • Hi Isaiah, Samsung Intercept is compatible only on Sprint so it won’t work with your service provider. Unlocked phones cannot be activated on Metro PCS service neither. Here is a link to Metro PCS compatible phones. Hope you find this helpful.

      • okay, so if i purchase the phone what will be provided with it, (ex. charger, SD card)

        • All phones come with the charger at least. User guide can be downloaded from every product page. Extras, such as SDcards, headsets, USB cables or pouches may be included if specified in the product listing.

  114. Hey my name is Olivia and i was wondering how can you buy the phones off of here

  115. please call Dave 985 278 3263 regarding pricing for Samsung Galaxy Note unlocked

    • Hi Dave, we don’t provide customer service over the phone. However, you can post all your concerns here. We reply in timely manner. What’s your question about the Galaxy Note?

  116. rallitsa orfanou on March 19, 2013 @ 4:25 pm

    hello i would like to ask you if you do shipping to ireland – or africa

    • Majority sellers at Cheap Phones offer international shipping, however, you will need to contact them directly in this matter. You can contact sellers via product pages.

  117. Usman Muhammad on March 18, 2013 @ 1:56 pm

    I am buying phones on regular basis. If you give me phones on discounted prices, that will be great. I also buy scrap phones and bluetooth devices. let me know if you have any. Thanks.

    • Hi Usman, all phones come with the lowest prices available on market. If you looking for even lower prices, check us frequently since all deals are updated daily.

  118. Elian zayed on March 12, 2013 @ 6:59 pm

    Hi I’m I Howell sailor I like too speak too some one about some prices my # 216-973-9039

    • Hi Howell, feel free to ask here. How may I help you?

    • I’m looking for some iphone 4. 4s. And Iphone chargers big order I like too talk too some one plz if you can give me a call . Thank u

      • Zayed, at Cheap Phones we provide deals and offers on cell phones available from third party vendors. We don’t, however, carry or ship any inventory. About wholesale you will need to contact merchants that sells their phones through our portal. Here is a link About Us.

  119. How can I find out if one of your “refurbished” phones is really all fixed? And how can I find out the ESN number?

    • Hi Lou, all phones sold via Cheap Phones are fully functional and ready for activation. Additionally each purchase is covered by seller return policy and buyer protection program. To find out the ESN number you will need to hit ‘Buy it now’ button located at each product page that will redirect you to the deal and request the ESN number directly from seller. Hope you find this helpful.

  120. Hello are the iphone 4s already flash to pageplus

    • Hi Morris, the phones for Verizon Wireless are compatible with Page Plus prepaid network. They do not require flashing since Page Plus uses Verizon’s towers for its service.

  121. I’m trying to reach someone about these phones and to see if they will work with my data plan but there is no number where I can speake to someone

    • Hi Nikita, we don’t provide support over the phone. Feel free to post questions on this page or via Facebook page. We reply in timely manner.

  122. what is your return policy if the phone does not work for us?

    • Every phone is covered by merchant return policy which guarantee product exchange. Additionally every purchase is covered by buyer protection program and seller refund policy.

  123. Shavonte johnson on February 21, 2013 @ 11:10 am

    I want to buy the galaxy note 2, how much is it?

  124. Terry Ballantini on February 20, 2013 @ 11:43 am

    We are looking for a lot 8-12 Incognito cell phones for flashing. Do you have some? Thank you.

  125. Im wondering if the LG xenon GR500 is in good condition even though it’s used and im also wondering if free shipping is offered and if this phone is available in any stores?

  126. I wanted to buy the New 8g Iphone for $219.00 ,is this also a page plus or phone ? Can I use this as a pre paid phone???

  127. I am looking for a unlocked gsm cell phone to work with net ten.Are the iphones all ready set up for net ten ?

  128. I had a question. Do these unlocked phones work for prepaid sim cards such as t mobile and at&t?

    • Hi Selma, yes they do. Unlocked phones are compatible on pre-paid services such as: AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, and more.

  129. Gerry Osborne on January 28, 2013 @ 8:55 pm

    I see that you are offering LG VX9700 phones for Page Plus. I just bought this phone, but find that it doesn’t connect to the internet, only via a Verizon contract, which I don’t want.

    Can you reprogram that phone?

    • You should be able to use the phone with Page Plus data services, such as internet, email or picture messaging. I would recommend contacting Page Plus customer service for instructions.

  130. I am interested in a htc evo 4g unlocked phone.


  132. I need to order a galaxy note by phone

  133. I am referring to the one for $164.88.

  134. Is it possible to purchase this HTC EVO Design 4G phone for $140.00?

    Thank you,

    Lori Herbst

  135. I am looking to get a Samsung Note 2 for Page Plus. I dont see them on the site, or havent been able to find them. Do you have them, and if so, what are the prices? If you do not have them, do you have a timeline for getting them?

    Thanks! !

    • Hi Scott, only Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Note II is compatible with Page Plus prepaid service. Since this is a newly released model, launched three months ago, the phone can be purchased for now only through Verizon or Amazon store. Here you can find the latest deals and news on Galaxy Note II. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay tuned.

  136. Looking for a AT&T compatible qwerty
    Phone without web browser or Internet
    So don’t have to buy a data plan.

    • Hi Rhpnda, here is a link to non-smartphones. All the phones listed there do not require purchasing data plan. Look for unlocked or AT&T compatible phones so the handset you buy was compatible with your service provider.

  137. Scott Pierson on December 31, 2012 @ 7:26 pm

    You have a LG Env touch on sale showing a price of $25.00

    How do I obtain and how soon to ship out.
    I am with Verizon, will there be any problems?
    Thank You



  138. Looking at Galaxy S3 or Note. what do I have to do to make it work on Straight Talk?

    • Hi Keith, once you have the phone, simply purchase the Straight Talk SIM card and pick a plan. Then, set up the phone accordingly to the instructions, activate the SIM, insert into the phone and you are ready to go. Here is a link for more info about Straight Talk phones.

  139. Jim Mitchell on December 22, 2012 @ 4:29 pm

    Will the iPhones work on verizion towers through straight talk

  140. I would like to buy the Samsung Galaxy S III for 63.96

  141. Debora Jordan on December 15, 2012 @ 4:47 pm

    I would like to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 for $239 contact me ASAP

  142. rob williams on December 4, 2012 @ 7:46 pm

    Want a refurbished boost mobile LG Venice or LG Marquee. Which one has more internal memory and do both have Wi-Fi capabilities. Thanks

  143. Hello. the sim free xperia t that you are offering , is it packed in the James Bond Skyfall package and with the James bond Skyfall content inside ??? Can I order it with shippment to Israel ?? Thanks.

    • Hi Pravar, please contact the seller about the shipping options and the content. Just hit the green Buy It Now button at Sony Xperia T page and you will be redirected the seller page where you can ask such detailed question. Hope you find this helpful.

  144. bernard white on November 29, 2012 @ 9:25 am

    Looking to purchase new summit cell phone

  145. hey i was wondering if i can get the phone for the same price evn if im in the midle of a contract and i have a problem that im moving this thursday morning so it there shipping

  146. can i shop new cricket iphone5 from this site?if yes how much will it cost?

  147. Trying to buy the LG Connect 4G at the price of $249. since it supposed to have $100 but it is charging me the full price? When does the $100 come off?

    • Hi Malissa, just checked Metro PCS site and looks like the $100 off sale on LG Connect is expired right now. Currently Metro PCS rolls promotions on two selected Android smartphones: Huawei Activia 4G and Samsung Galaxy Attain. I would also recommend to look for Metro PCS devices with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich since 2.3 Gingerbread is out of date at this time.

  148. Straight talk is saying i cant use Verizon phone so do you have droid with any of these???
    Only AT & T unlocked phones, T-Mobile
    unlocked phones, and domestic unlocked phones with 850 and 1900 MHZ will
    work with a BYOP SIM card

    Here are the list of the phones which are not
    applicable for our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program:

    iPhone (Verizon)
    iPhone (Sprint)
    Verizon phone
    CDMA phone
    Sprint phone
    Metro PCS

    • Hi Mandi, you cannot use regular Verizon phones on Straight Talk service because these do not support GSM bands 850 and 1900 MHZ. Verizon released lately Global Edition phones which are unlocked and support CDMA and GSM network. These can be used on Straight Talk service because support required by carrier GSM bands. Here is is a link to Unlocked Verizon Global Phones. All of them operates on GSM 850 and 1900 MHZ, check the phones’ specs and features.

      Here is also second link to all Straight Talk compatible phones available at Cheap Phones, so you can go beyond Verizon Global phones if you want to have more choices.

  149. I am looking for a straight talk phone that works of verizon towers and i would really like the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for cheap or something touch with android would be great what do you prefer and what works?????

  150. Would be interested in purchasing the displayed Blackberry models and other brands in bulk quantities. Could u direct on how to go about that.

  151. I would like to buy a refiburshed Lg dare vx9700. What would the ESN # be so I can confirm with my carrier that it’s ok to add to my line?

    • Hi Michael, you need to contact the seller of the phone to provide you the ESN#. Here is the link to refurbished LG Dare VX9700 and looks like that at this moment there are three sellers of this particular model. Click the ‘Buy it Now’ button to be redirected to a seller’s page where you can contact him directly for an additional product information.

  152. If i buy a phone in the next 30mins how long will it be befour i receive the or can i pick it up?

    • Hi Javonna, if you buy a phone any time soon, it will be definitely shipped after the weekend since we have Saturday today.

  153. I would like to know more,about your phones and how, service, works please call 830_333_3646

  154. i want to buy a phone but i cant find any verification info on your site so im kinda sketched out where can i get that info


    is this a new phone? can I get the picture of actual phone on sale?

  156. do ur phones work properly in jamaica?

  157. how can i contact u?

  158. when ordering a phone off this web site what condition do the phone come in..will it have scratches or dents in it, or will it come brand new as if i bought it from the store

  159. i looking to buy this item below, but i need to know 1)is it fully unused 2)will it for sure work with page plus service

    Member id oemcard ( Feedback Score Of 2169Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) eBay Store
    Item Title: Motorola W755 Black for Verizon, No Contract, Free Shipping, 30-day Refund – opens in a new window or tab
    Item Id: 170822101100 – Price: US $39.00

    Standard (on or before Sat. Jun. 23 per eBay FAST ‘N FREE)
    USPS First Class Package®

    Select quantity

    US $39.00

    • Hi Israel,

      The Motorola W755 is compatible with Page Plus prepaid network. Once the device arrive, just call Page Plus customer service and update ESN# on your account. Noticed that the Motorola W755 at price tag $39 is offered only in refurbished condition meaning that the device is at least in mint cosmetic cond. Click here to learn more about refurbished phones.

      The new Motorola W755 is offered today at price 48.95. Hope that helps.

  160. Can I use my pre paid plan on t mobile phones?

    • Hi Jake, which service provider do you use for prepaid service?

      • The $50 unlimited plan. Can I use it on these T-Mobile devices?

        • Hi Jake, if you referring the $50 unlimited plan on pre-paid T-Mobile, the answer is yes, you can use most of them. First check with T-Mobile about the model that you buy going to buy because not all of them are compatible with all services. Just call customer support and give them the model number and they’ll be able to tell you. Or you can look on the T-Mobile website, maybe open a customer support ticket for the info, too.

  161. Hi my name is Jason i just want to know if US Cellular phones work for Simple Mobile so i can buy a couple of phones

    • Hi Jason, US Cellular phones can be activated only on US Cellular network. You cannot use it for any other service provider, such as prepaid Simple Mobile.

  162. Hi my name is Roberto I will like to know how can I contact you because I want to buy alot devices from you can you let me know how contact you over the phone etc.

    • Hi Roberto, provides comparison shopping services focused on cell phones without contract. We don’t sell or ship any merchandise. Thanks to our service, however, you can reach the cheapest prices on the phones available online. Please read more About Us for more information.

    • hey i would like to buy a free phone

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